Handtool Expert shares guide on BEST chainsaw sharpener

Handtool Expert has recently shared an extensive guide on the best chainsaw sharpeners today along with pointers on the factors to consider before buying a sharpener for a saw.

Los Angeles, California, October 30, 2017: Chainsaw owners looking for reliable sharpener need not search further. Leading online tool guide Handtool Expert has shared insights on the best chainsaw sharpener in the current market. The site also extends reviews on other top sharpeners as well as the main points to consider while choosing a chainsaw sharpener.

“Your chainsaw will get dull over time and a sharpener is extremely important to keep the saw arm sharp and functional for years. A sharpener might apparently seem to be a costly investment but in the long run, it will prove to be worthwhile. However, you have to be very particular about the quality of your sharpener. And this is where we come in. We have listed down the best chainsaw sharpeners in the market today along with detailed expert reviews to help you with an informed buying decision”, stated Richard Knapp, the man behind Handtool Expert.



The site has come up with extensive reviews on 5 chainsaw sharpeners in the current market, including products from Buffalo, Oregon, CO-Z and OrangeA. Visitors will get complete idea on maximum speed, voltage, power, weight and price of the listed sharpeners. Each review is followed by a dedicated section of the pros and cons of the sharpener for a quick overview of the product at a glance.

According to the leading tool guide, Oregon 511AX is the “Best overall chainsaw sharpener”. The sharpener is engineered with a super powerful 3 amp motor that releases a robust 285 W power. The Oregon product also sports a sturdy heavy-duty steel construction that makes it effortlessly resilient to extreme wear and tear.

“Oregon 511AX is designed with a superior grinding wheel that can churn out 3,400 rotations/minute. It’s more than sufficient to sharpen your chains in an efficient and timely manner”, noted Richard Knapp in his review of the sharpener. 

The Handtool guide has also shared notes on Best Cheap sharpener, Best sharpener for money, best sharpener under $150 and best chainsaw grinder under $100. 

Richard’s post has further listed down the factors one need to check while purchasing a quality chainsaw sharpener. According to the article, these parameters are power, construction, chain compatibility and price of the product. A buyer should be particular about choosing a sharpener with high RPM as higher the RPM, faster would be the sharpening capacity.  In regards to construction, Richard has advised to look for those with heavy-metal construction over plastic ones. The plastic options are mostly flimsy and can’t withstand wear & tear in the long run.

“Before you buy your chainsaw sharpener, you should make sure to check out whether the product is able to accommodate the particular chain size of your saw. When it comes to price, well, expensive options generally provide good results. But then, if you are not going to use your saw too often, there are economical yet quality options on our guide to go for. The bottomline is to understand your needs first before making the purchase decision.”

To know more about the  best chainsaw guide, visit http://handtoolexpert.com/best-chainsaw-sharpener/.


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