Cross the time, witness “today’s yesterday”

Chengdu Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) had held a grand opening ceremony for Anren Biennale at Anren, China.

Art and youth renders the plain of the old time, and demonstrates the beauty of elegance in the collision of Chinese and Western cultures. In the ancient town of Anren, an international and diversified art feast——Anren Biennial, is going for a grand opening ceremony. International works of art and Anren style complement with each other, just like the Anren, wherever the ancient residence or the streets, everywhere is showing the wonderful combination of Chinese and western culture, at the same time, when people are appreciating this crossover art feast, them can go cross the time, and then witness the today’s yesterday.

On October 28th, which guided by Chinese Culture Promotion Association, He Xiangning Art Gallery, Overseas Chinese Town Contemporary Art Center (OCAT) Museum group, held by Western Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) Investment Co., Ltd., undertook by Chengdu Anren Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) Cultural and Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Xi’an Qujiang Zhizao Culture and Tourism Industry Limited by Share Ltd., Co Organized by Chengdu Anren Cultural and Tourism Development Zone Management Committee, Chengdu Anren Cultural and Relic Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Sichuan Anren Xinwen Cultural and Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Jianchuan Museum Cluster, Liu Manor Museum, this International Art Exhibition which titled by “today’s yesterday • Anren Biennale” comes out a grand opening ceremony and VIP preview event, has lighted the most brilliant art fireworks in Anren.

This grand and distinguished gathering fulfills the important instructions made by general secretary Xi Jinping in the report of the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and guided by the thinking “Do not forget the original, absorb foreign, facing the future”, sticking to the Chinese cultural and showing the fine arts of the present China. Moreover, this distinguished gathering aims at transcending civilization barrier by civilization exchanges, has invited foreign modern art masters and avant couriers, to carry on cultural exchanges between China and the West openly, innovatively and compatibly.

At the Anren Biennale opening ceremony, Chengdu Anren Overseas Town Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (OCT) worked with Chengdu NATE Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Turin Albertine Art College of Italy to set a Albertine Art College of China at Anren, China. It is hoped that with the cooperation of Overseas Chinese Town (OCT), the fertile soil of Anren can make this art flower more fragrant.

The Anren Biennale consists of four exhibition units: Genealogical Rhetoric, Crisscross Streets, The Future that Can not be Returned, Sichuan Story, all of the four units tend to construct a new world of collision between Chinese and Western art. Genealogical Rhetoric is setting the experience of ancient town of Anren in China in modern time as the background, looks back the Chinese path of social development since the late Qing Dynasty again, and then discuss the historical origin of the contemporary art problems, speculates and looking forward to the future from an artistic perspective and style. The Crisscross Streets responded to the exhibition theme named “Today’s yesterday” which proposed by chief curator Lyu Peng. It shows the identification and gaze of the confusion and the situation in which there is no choice. The Future that Can not be Returned bases on the cultural history and Special locality of ancient town of Anren, and takes the Spatio-temporal node which closely related to China’s modernization as a staring, launches the discussion of contemporary art with “time” as the key word. The Sichuan Story is starting from “good people in Sichuan”, it tells the story that happened on the Ba Shu land, focuses on the relationship between drama and history. The four exhibited units have deducted the interpretation of “Today’s yesterday”, told the legendary story of Anren.

Oversease Chinese Town (OCT) is devoted itself to activate the soul of literary creation and set up a cultural benchmark. The high quality international art exhibition—Anren Biennale, is the realization of Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) Group’s experience of deep plowing in the cultural industry for many years. Such a high standard art exhibition is worth looking forward to in the West and even in the whole country. In the future, the Anren Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) will also gradually be landed in museum, literary creation, exhibition, performing arts, education, food, film and television, music, health care, rural, livable and other cultural industries, to build ancient town of Anren to be a “culture + tourism + urbanization” bench-marking demonstration area of Overseas Chinese City (OCT), and also to guide Anren to write a legendary story with a new attitude and tell the world the legendary story of China and Anren!

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