STATUS IS EVERYTHING – African Descendants of the United States Change their Status

By Dr. Mustafa Ansari Dean, American Institute of Human Rights

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – 31 Oct, 2017 – On the site of a former slave plantation, the American Institute of Human Rights, an NGO comprised of international lawyers, international law professors, and UN Human Rights Defenders, facilitated The First Conference on Confederation and Human Rights Remedies.  The goal of the conference was to convene a broad cross-section of African Descendant community leaders from among the Black Native Americans, Moors, Black Nationalists, Muslims, Christians, Hebrews, and college students to educate and organize them into the vanguard of an internationally recognized nation. Participants came from as far as Belize and Guyana.  On an autumn weekend, the participants formally signed a “Declaration of Self-Determination” thereby confederating and declaring the formation of the “African Descendant Nation.”

“A colonial power (the United States) cannot unilaterally impose a national and Identity status on African descendant Americans”. Political and identity status must be chosen or elected under international law.  Status is everything and the United States cannot impose a ‘simple minority status’ on indigenous people” says Dr. Mustafa Ansari, Dean of the American Institute of Human Rights (AIHR). “African descendant people of the United States are indigenous which is consistent with history, democracy, international law, and early American population studies in the pre-colonial and post-colonial eras, which clearly show that the people called “Indians” are actually African Descendants.”

“This is the start of a nation-building process based on status which includes an election designed to effectuate Self-Determination.  We are following all the United Nation Conventions on Self-determination and the recommendations cited in the Report of the United Nations Working Group of Experts on African Descendants.  For the first time in history, African Descendants can choose who they are and increase their wealth, improve their educational system, reduce crime, and become the 12th wealthiest nation in the world by plebiscite” says Dr. Mustafa Ansari, an International Law Professor, and Dean of the American Institute of Human Rights.  In April 2018, a panel of African-Descendant scholars and experts will convene in Atlanta at a conference entitled: “The African Descendant Nation and the United Nations Development Framework.”  The discussions will cover six thematic areas of country development: (1) Historical Context; (2) Democracy and Human Rights; (3) Economic Development, Trade, Investment and Job Creation; (4) Education and Culture; (5) Peace and Security; and (6) Sustainable Development, Quality of Life, and the Environment.  In addition to Atlanta, other cities slated for conferences are New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Oakland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Houston.

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