The Michigan State has been working on a payroll software for a period of time to help fix the payroll system and address the issues that lead to either underpayment or overpayment of employees. The announcement made today was a milestone for the state and good news to the state employees.

Michigan – A Michigan state official has confirmed that most issues that affected many state worker’s paychecks have been resolved now. This announcement comes after a thorough work over the weekend with attempts to fix the payroll system with a new payroll software system. Many workers of the state who used money from their own pockets to cover for work costs over the past month had to wait for several weeks before getting repaid while the state was still working on the flaw in the massive new accounting system.

Kurt Weiss, the budget spokesman, said that managers in almost half of the state-federal agencies had been using the system without any problems.Weiss added that the state was tardily adding some system administrators because they had positive experiences that can ensure the system can handle a magnitude of business tasks. As the state employees wait for their next payroll check on Thursday, and it’s highly expected there will be no issues.  

Speaking this to the State Journal, there were Kurt Weiss words.

So far, so good; everything has been working this morning. We’ll know probably by the end of the day tomorrow morning if it can handle the sort of load that we need it to handle.” 

A system known as Statewide Integrated Governmental Management Application (SIGMA) went live on October 1, the start of 2018 budget year with the first paychecks issued directly with that system going through on October 19. Although Weiss mentioned that all state employees got their payment on October 19, some employees and managers had problems in having their work time approved. Thus the state had to use a workaround to pay them a flat rate depending on their regular work schedule.


What’s means is that those employees who worked overtime might have been underpaid. Weiss stated that none should have been paid more since workaround pays the employees by their work schedule default with part-time schedules included. It was not instantly clear how many many workers had these issue with their payments because the state had close to 50000 employees, and about 14000 who work and live in Clinton, Ingham, and Eaton.

Weiss ascertained that these issues had been fixed and most workers would be compensated in their next payroll check this coming Thursday, November 2. All the rest may have to wait up to the next pay date on November 16. Nevertheless, the administration has sanctioned managers to offer their employees advances just there its necessary. 

Although it took the state a long time working on SIGMA, the software has replaced tons of obsolete software systems used by the government including budgeting, payroll, and inventory among other operations. Given the scope of SIGMA software and for the reason that most things have been well, the state budget spokesperson said that SIGMA had launched successfully despite the fact that several employees were earlier furious about the glitches. 

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