An Efficient Live Performance App for Musicians and Music Lovers

Location: New York

We happily present to you the first live performance app for all musicians and lovers of music. This is the first of its kind and comes with mouth-watering features that makes it a must have for people that appreciate music. Experience Fly gives users the flexibility to enjoy several features at a go without breaking a sweat. The app supports live streaming of music performances without the user being at the location. Users can enjoy any live music events from any corner of the globe easily. Musicians and performers in general will benefit largely from this feature because it will save them the expenses of booking and arranging concerts and the time of travelling from one location to another to perform. Rather, with Experience Fly, every fan can experience the performances smoothly. Experience Fly also allows users to vote their favorite musicians online from the app. This feature will either encourage performers and musicians to work harder or improve their skills. There is also a page for different genre of music and artist; on this page viewers can watch their favorite shows free at no extra cost.

Experience Fly is for the die-hard music lover who wants to enjoy their music live, fresh and direct without any interruption of the experience. Musicians also stand to grow their audience through this app while earning more fame and money in the process. Experience Fly is available free of charge in the United States on the Apple Play Store for IOS users but there might be further updates in their near future for Android users as well. Experience Fly is a premium music live streaming product targeted at music lovers and musicians in general – music unites the world and Experience Fly will never let you down.

To find out more about this wonderful music live streaming app, you can visit www.experiencefly.live for more information.

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