Adele Boese, a local full-time working mother persevering every single day to manage her Etsy shop, DerBayz Vintage, while living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), this week announced she has added yet another division to her ever-growing quest to creating a self-sustaining household income.


Having been diagnosed with MS in 1996, Boese struggled for a long time to accept her condition and venture out into public and soon diagnosed as Agoraphobic. To pass the time hiding at home, she began searching eBay and craigslist for vintage and antique books to start her own personal antique book collection. One day, an out of print book her grandmother read her as a child, The Adventures of Uncle Wiggly Longears, was available on craigslist but the owner refused to ship the delicate rare item. Inspired by the memories of her grandmother she was able to overcome her fears and go out into the public to retrieve the treasure from her past. That was when she truly discovered her passion for vintage and antique collectibles.

“That is when I discovered my passion for retro vintage and antique collectibles.  It wasn’t only books that I found – it was silver, bells, figurines, crystal, and so much more,” said Boese. “But, after researching and learning the history or story behind the items, they began to age and lose their luster, which is what gave me the idea to open my very own Antique and Vintage Etsy shop for sharing these incredible items and their story with people worldwide. Today, I am excited to announce that I am adding t-shirts, mugs and other printed items to our growing company, by opening a second Etsy shop DerBayz Tees and Things.”

DerBayz Tees & Things specializes in unique graphic designs printed on items inspired by Adele’s everyday interactions with the world. Ideas have flowed like a fountain. She brings her world to life with these unique, thoughtful and humorous interpretations of the world, life and living with an invisible illness.

“We’ve expanded DerBayz Vintage to add DerBayz Tees & Things,” said Boese. “These designs are an extension of my creative mind. It feels amazing to be able bring my world to life through graphics representing living with an invisible illness.  I find it remarkable what I can share with others with simple setup for an Etsy shop.”

Boese plans to continue collecting and selling Antiques and Vintage items on her Etsy store DerBayz Vintage but is expanding her enterprise.  For more information on DerBayz Tees & Things, visit:

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