Visionary poet philosopher Alvin Aquino shares spiritual insights for a better world in his new blog

Magnit7 by visionary poet philosopher Alvin Aquino shares rich spiritual insights to guide humanity about life, human existence and how to work towards a peaceful & better world.

San Jose, California, October 31, 2017: Poet philosopher Alvin Aquino has recently launched his new blog Magnit7 to guide humanity towards a better and more peaceful world to live in. The visionary artist is aimed to enlighten the online audience with clearer spiritual insights through his philosophical articles, poetry and rap music


Alvin is an Autodidact who uses his own understanding and observations to find meaning about situations and things in life and world. His insightful ideas and creative imaginations have found expressions in his rich philosophical articles and other artistic works shared by his blog. 

“I am excited to bring to you my new website Magnit7. I am a keen observer and an Autodidact and over the time I have gathered a solid understanding of how things work and how things should be. Now, I am looking forward to share my spiritual insights with everybody around so that together we can utilize the learning to make the world a more beautiful, sane and better place to live in. I am hopeful my philosophical articles, poems and lyrics will guide you towards a rich spiritual awakening. I am positive this awakening will consequently translate into active endeavors to ensure a better life for the entire universe”, smiled Alvin while talking about his website.



Magnit7 is bustling with articles which answer many crucial human concerns. Readers would find insightful posts on Love, God, issues with educational system and so on. There are also writings on the human existence. Most importantly, the visionary artist has increasingly stressed on value of living the life “Now”. According to him, death is inevitable and nobody can avoid it. But that doesn’t mean we would have to miss out on the golden moments of life. To him, a life went chasing is worthless as it does not allow us to stand, stare and enjoy the beauty of little moments. Alvin Aquino is dedicated to inspire all to embrace the “present” and make the best of what life has to offer to us.

Akin to his posts, Alvin’s poems too highlight the concepts of love, life etc. Other topics coveted by his poetic works include beauty, fear, devil, time and so on. In regards to rap music, Alvin writes English rap, Tagalog rap and Ilokano rap. 

Magnit7 also sports a unique collection of apparels with deep insightful and cool slogans penned by the artist himself. 

“I aim to benefit humanity by providing a new and vivid understanding about the human experience of the world. My learning and observation over the years have also opened my eyes about the true meaning human existence and I wish to impart that essence to all my readers through my website. My writings and other works are geared to introduce a new perspective to you all about how to understand the world and how to co-exist in it spiritually.”

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