The HUDWAY Team Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce HUDWAY Cast

A heads-up display (HUD) for any vehicle, the HUDWAY Cast in an innovative portable heads-up display powered by any smartphone.

Imagine getting directions, receiving calls and texts, and controlling music without having to look away from the road or taking hands off the wheel.  Driving is made safer with the many features of the HUDWAY Cast:

  • Gives a real heads-up display feel

  • Easy to install

  • Connects to any smartphone wirelessly

  • Mirrors any app (incl Google maps & Waze)

  • Bright and contrast image in various weather conditions

Since 2013, the HUDWAY team has been developing HUD solutions to resolve the ever-increasing problem of distracted driving. By joining efforts with the Carrobot company, the HUDWAY Cast is available as a one of a kind, break-through solution for stress-free and safer driving.

Heads-up Display Devices

Current HUD devices, already found in high-end vehicles, allow drivers to see directions and other critical navigational information right in front of their eyes.  However, they only allow a driver to access the information preset by the vehicle manufacturer.  This means that many people who have access to this technology are still using their smartphone for navigation, especially if they prefer driving with Waze or Google Maps.

Dangers of Distracted Driving

Since many people use more than just navigation on their smartphone, any time these drivers take their eyes off the road, the chances of becoming involved in a crash increases.  Smartphone distractions behind the wheel reduces the ability to visually scan the road and increases cognitive load.  In fact, smartphone distractions behind the wheel are responsible for more deaths than alcohol.  The National Safety Council reports that cell phone usage while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at , offers pledge levels from $25 to $1,590, with rewards including:

  • The Indiegogo Special – One HUDWAY Cast device and the HUDWAY Cast app for IOS or Android.

  • AddOns – Mount & OBD-II cable – An additional compact mount and OBD-II cable for the HUDWAY Cast.

  • The Indiegogo Special Duo – Two HUDWAY Cast devices and access to two HUDWAY Cast apps for IOS or Android.

  • Big Family Pack – A pack of 4 HUDWAY Cast devices; enough to upgrade a small fleet.

  • Fleet Pack – A pack of 10 HUDWAY Cast devices perfect for upgrading an entire fleet of vehicles.

About HUDWAY Cast:  

Hudway Cast is device that allows the screen of any smartphone to be displayed directly in front of a driver, decreasing distracted driving. After the end of the campaign the MSRP will be $299. 

Media Contact
Company Name: HUDWAY LLC
Contact Person: Svetlana Stepanova
Phone: 4245817501
Address:3221 Carter Avenue, #173
City: Marina Del Rey
State: California
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