Author launches book on caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease

Offer practical and insightful advice to help shine the light during a family’s darkest hours

Chicago, IL – Caring for someone with a serious health issue isn’t a piece of cake. It drains energy and has severe effects on the emotional and mental state of the caregiver. Jael Brown, an author, announces the release of her book “Care Giver Game Plan 2017”. The book is as a result of the author’s experience while taking care of a very ill loved one. It offers insightful lessons, delivers accurate impression, and helps the reader understand what it takes to care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The book shines the light into the dark time of a family and offers hope and reconciliation for a better future.

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“It can be tough taking care a family member who is seriously ill. I have been there, and I know how it feels. During my ordeal, I learned so many things and realized why so many people in my situation would face psychological issues. This book is written to help people, going through such a situation, find succor, advice, and wisdom on how to cope. We are much stronger than we think we are if only we could try harder” said Jael Brown, author of Care Giver Game Plan 2017.

Care Giver Game Plan 2017 is a book that delivers accurate and realistic values from the perspective of personal experience and knowledge. It presents an array of situations a family might be going through while taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s, and offers solutions. The book is well written and provides so much wisdom that is apparent from the very first page.

The book also provides readers with information on how to deal with situations, as individuals, and as a family. It is a common sense approach to dealing with patients with Alzheimer’s disease, from the perspective of someone who has cared for an elder brother.

“I love the advice in this book that comes from someone who has sadly had to live through the experience of caring for a family member. What do you say when friends and family ask what they can do to help? This book offers wise suggestions to get even out of town family to chip in. Taking care of legal details also is essential from the start, what do you need to adequately protect your loved one when they can no longer speak up for themselves? A valuable resource for all caregivers”, said Davis V, a fan.

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