Straight Up Spine and Posture Brings Disc Decompression and Spinal Correction to Waukegan IL

Dr. Ryan Winslow, a Waukegan chiropractor, provides a few unique therapies that you may not have heard of, and they may be the answer you are looking for to finally get your neck pain, back pain or headaches under control.

Besides traditional chiropractic adjustments that help reduce pain and improve range of motion the office is offering disc decompression therapy and non-surgical spinal correction. Both of these FDA-cleared treatments are effective at treating tough pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments in the past.

Disc decompression treats back or neck pain due to a disc bulge or herniation. Some research suggests that disc irritation may be involved in up to 80% of chronic back and neck pain. Decompression is a painless procedure that gently stretches the spine in two different directions, opening up the space between the bones where the disc space is. This allows the disc to be gently “sucked” back into its proper position and restores proper disc height by re-hydrating discs.

Dr. Ryan is the proud holder of an advanced certification in Chiropractic Biophysics®technique. The training and equipment employed in his office allow permanent correction to the shape of the spine to be made without drugs or surgery. Restoring the proper curvature to the neck can dramatically reduce neck pain, chronic muscle tension, and migraine headaches. Plus, this process improves posture which will not only make you look younger and more fit, but it reduces your risk of future neck injuries and spinal degeneration.

Call Straight Up Spine and Posture to see if you are a candidate for any of these advanced treatment options. Dr. Ryan offers free consultations and MRI reviews.

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