ITAL Collective launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Unique Hemp Collaborations!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, The Project is Inspired by Art & Nature!

Art Meets Nature is an inspiring new creative initiative of ITAL Collective, a California based company engaged in the manufacturing of Hemp and organic fibers products in collaboration with artist from all over the world. The project will promote art collaborations and mural-making by unique and sustainable hemp made products. Moreover, the creators of this project have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and support. They are welcoming everyone to generously back them.

“Despite official US policy points away from cleaner production, we are a new company based in Oceanside, California celebrating art in all its forms through collaborations with artists and delivering eco-friendly apparel made out of Hemp, Organic Cotton, and recycled PET fibers,” said the spokesperson of ITAL Collective, while introducing the project on Kickstarter. The company was started in last August and so far, it has been able to collaborate with seven artists from Berlin, Barcelona, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago.


Hemp fiber was extensively used in the US before the first world war and Navy ropes were made from it, the first Levi’s was made from it too, and many other products until it was banned to see cotton and oil based synthetic fibers take over. The project will revive the use of hemp to use products for everyday usage.


The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can back this project by making pledges and donations. Each pledge offers a great reward and more details are available on the campaign page on Kickstarter. The goal of this project is to raise a sum of $15,000 and the company is offering these rewards with worldwide shipping.

About Art Meets Nature

Art Meets Nature is an eco-friendly creative project launched by a California based company called ITAL Collective. With a goal to create cultural exchange through mural-making and art practices supported by sustainable, hemp made unique products inspired byart. The project aims at bringing some of the finest artists from the world together on a single platform and bring new culture into public spaces. ITAL is now seeking community support to make that possible. The creators of this project are welcoming everyone to make generous pledges and donations via Kickstarter, in order to make it a success.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ital Collective
Contact Person: Vicente Santa Cruz
Phone: 8583378802
City: Oceanside
State: California
Country: United States