Windows 7 Activator Tool Simplifies Windows 7 Activation

The new Windows 7 Activator provides a safe and effective way to eradicate annoying pop-ups that are so common with Windows 7. The simple tool is not only easy, but also secure and reliable. Since its launch, hundreds of users have tried the completely free tool with positive results.

Months after the launch of Windows 8, users and businesses are still reluctant to make the upgrade. While Windows 7 isn’t exactly perfect, it doesn’t feel like a work in progress like Windows 8. Sure, the newer OS offers greater compatibility, performance, security and versatility than its predecessor, but the implementation of a finger-friendly touch screen, lack of scaling, excessive hot corners and mandatory Windows Live accounts all have users running in the opposite direction.

The classic and familiar interface on Windows 7 desktop remains the OS of choice for millions of PC users around the world. But the annoying popups to activate Windows may be more than most people can stand. Microsoft’s Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) is a tool built into the software to force online validation of the product. The two-part system first validates the Windows license every time a user logs it, and then verifies the OS’ validity when it’s time to download crucial Windows Updates from Microsoft’s Download Center.

Microsoft’s advanced authentication and validation techniques are the best ever. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult to develop a tool that can bypass the system. Instead of trying to find ways around the authentication, which can reduce Window’s performance or cause security risks, users can download the Windows 7 activation and begin using Windows 7 without the annoying popups.

John T. tried the Windows 7 activator tool and is more than pleased with the results, “When my hard drive crashed, I lost my licensed copy of Windows 7. After I downloaded the OS and installed on my new hard drive, I had to deal with the constant pop-ups asking to activate Windows. It was frustrating, and I was willing to try anything. Thankfully, I didn’t have to turn to those malware ridden solutions that hurt computers, invade privacy and do not activate Windows. The Windows 7 activator, in contrast, was easy and free from malware and virus. It’s been more than a couple months, and my system is working fine.”

Click to download the Windows 7 Activator to stop annoying pop-ups and get complete access to Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update.

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