Marisa Anne Cummings Develops “Creative Thursday” Web Series to Spotlight Lives of Important Artists

After founding and running her successful online gallery Creative Thursday, Marisa Anne Cummings became a fixture in the Los Angeles art scene. While growing her business, selling her own works of art from paintings to fabric design, Marisa became deeply intrigued in the personal stories of fellow creatives she met along the way who were also building  their businesses. These stories have inspired Marisa to produce a web series entitled “Creative Thursday: The Show” which showcase interviews with important artists from London, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

“Creative Thursday: The Show” will offer a glimpse into the lives of artists, whose rich pasts, emotional lives and thought processes coalesce into powerful and emotionally resonant pieces of art.  Marisa will conduct these penetrating interviews with artists working in a wide variety of genres like writing, knitting, clothing design, dance, multimedia, and photography.  Built around Marisa’s philosophy that everyone has the potential to be creative, this informative web series will inspire and encourage viewers to connect with their own artistic abilities.

Creating a web series like is neither simple nor inexpensive. Despite the fact that Marisa and her partner Sean are producing the series using their own equipment and filmmaking expertise, this project will cost $25,000.  In order to raise these funds, Marisa has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter.  Financial supporters of this important project may receive valuable perks like calendars, fine art prints, episode downloads, film credits, original paintings, Skype consultations with Marisa, promotional ads, or a speaking engagement by Marisa. 

To learn more about “Creative Thursday: The Show” or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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