Launching The Purpose of Israel Project

Unique campaign aims to transform Israel through higher purpose

November 9, 2017 – Oakland, CA – A transformative nonprofit project with an evolutionary goal, the Purpose of Israel Project launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on Monday, October 23rd.

The Purpose of Israel Project was launched by the global nonprofit Amoveo Mundi. (“Amoveo Mundi” is Latin for “I shift the world.”) The organization has also worked on the purpose of Colombia. The Purpose of Israel Project began in 2013 and has gathered hundreds of participants in live workshops in Israel to identify the higher purpose of Israel. The project uses the True Purpose® methodology created by thought leader Tim Kelley and described in his foundational book, True Purpose. There are thousands of trained True Purpose coaches worldwide who guide individuals and organizations to find and manifest their purpose.

The Israel project has been hugely successful so far, with 100% of participants in each event agreeing on a single higher purpose, despite deep ethnic, political and religious disagreements and differences. In addition to converging on a purpose, participants in each group have agreed that their country has an important destiny, a critical role as a model of a new and better world for all of us, evolving how government, communities, cities and people can work together for the greater good. Participants also reported increased inspiration, renewed hope, and a greater willingness to respect and work with groups they had previously identified as hostile to their point of view.

The project is at a critical pivot point and requires input from more diverse stakeholders to identify the true purpose of Israel. The Purpose of Israel crowdfunding campaign will help Israel identify and manifest its purpose by raising the funds needed to develop a widely available True Purpose app, as well as the public relations, marketing, and staffing needed to expand the project. “It’s an exciting moment,” said Amoveo Mundi founder and board member Tim Kelley. “The True Purpose app is absolutely necessary for the purpose of Israel. We need the participation of tens of thousands of Israeli stakeholders from all aspects of society to create an accurate purpose that will be accepted throughout Israel. And equally exciting, the app will help individuals find their personal higher purpose, as well.” The campaign offers many engaging perks that guide backers in finding their own individual higher purpose, including books by purpose thought leaders, coaching sessions, and the soon to be developed True Purpose app.

The Purpose of Israel Project team is comprised of business leaders and consultants from around the globe, including Tim Kelley, Doron Libshtein, Debby Kandli, Revital Chitayat, Yossi Morgenstern and Marcela Rodriguez. Amoveo Mundi is a fiscally supported project of the 501(c)(3) organization Empowerment Works, Inc.

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