Photographer Silvia Domínguez Produces Photobook “Finishers”: Ironman as you have never seen it before

Ironman competitions are among the most grueling and difficult challenges that any athlete can face. The test of mind, body and will against the elements often reveals the human spirit in its rawest, most compelling form. That is why Spanish photographer Silvia Domínguez chose to invest four years of her life recording and photographing the athletes who compete in Ironman Lanzarote from a documentary point of view, focusing on how they live the race from the inside. Her dedication has produced a new photobook entitled “Finishers” that includes breathtaking images of the race and the athletes pushed to the limit.

“Finishers” includes 15 stories of athletes in four of the annual Lanzarote competitions. It delve into motivations and feelings of these amateur athletes who challenge themselves just to finish an almost impossible race through water, on bicycle and on foot. Ironman Lanzarote is one of the most thrilling versions of this ultra endurance triathlon due to the extreme temperature and winds which made the race so difficult along this spectacular volcanic island. However, Silvia utilized her incomparable eye to capture the most stunning images of the race and the competitors as they struggled against the elements and their sapping strength, showing the humanity inside the race. She invites you to jump into Ironman Lanzarote and live it from the inside, just like an athlete. To be inspired by them. To see how Ironman is like life, and life is like an Ironman.

Silvia’s captivating photographs have already been compiled into a 27.5 x 23 cm photobook with 208 pages that include 170 photos.  “Finishers” is in Spanish and English, and utilizes the highest quality paper and craftsmanship to faithfully reproduce these images in all of their visual beauty.

Although the photobook has already been created, it will require almost €23,000 to print the first 500 copies, ship them worldwide and pay taxes. In order to raise these funds, Silvia has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo, where fans of Ironman competitions and documentary photography can make donations. In return for their contributions, supporters may receive perks like T-shirts, signed copies of “Finishers”, audiovisual downloads, A5 notebooks, mugs, and photographic recording of an Ironman participant during competition.

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