ZOLA Software Announces The Launch of Their New Website — Features Network Administrator Tools

ZOLA MSI Repackager flawlessly executes software deployments with minimal set- up. Rapid installations of up to five times faster than native installs, and automatic software configuration compliance across the enterprise.

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, September 26, 2014. IT Administrators were happy to hear of the launching of ZOLA Software’s new website. The site features powerful admin tools that can make life easier for admin’s everyday tasks, such as distributing software across their networks, uninstalling unwanted software from their remote computers and other related tasks. Their tools feature a highly customizable interface, allowing for easy navigation and execution of tasks.

One of ZOLA’s flagship products is the ZOLA MSI Repackager, which is an MSI authoring tool that allows creating MSI packages ready to be deployed as a self-installing MSI installer to remote computers in the network. Using this tool one can create MSI packages from available repositored projects that where previously scanned using their unique snapshot module. Multiple selection of projects are supported when creating an MSI package for distribution and a single project with multiple data can be created.

The company reports that the Snapshot Technology captures any software installation or other operating system modifications. This is a very powerful module, and one of a kind, that supports both service and driver installations. The product does not require any expert knowledge in MSI packaging or in any installation scripting to be able to successfully repackage existing installations and create MSI packages. One only needs to understand the MSI creation approaches offered by the application and follow the on-screen instructions to create MSI packages quickly and easily.

ZOLA Software’s full suite of admin products includes: The ZOLA Repackage and Deployment, ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall, ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker, ZOLA Remote File Search, and the ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter, which is a Free download. The ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is an advanced troubleshooting tool, that can help to troubleshoot a remote connection to a host in the network. The troubleshooter tool also comes with a built-in remote connection fixer module that can fix/enable various Windows settings required to enable a remote access for operating systems running Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, and all Windows Servers platforms.

For complete information, please visit:  ZOLA Software… Advanced Admin Tools

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