Kevin M. Roy Becomes A Number One Best Selling Author By Promising And Delivering Paying Clients

Acquiring paying clients is a top priority for any business owner. It just so happens that Kevin M. Roy delivers on that promise and more in his aptly titled book “Paying Clients” which reached three Top Ten Amazon Best Seller Lists.

Kevin M. Roy’s newly released book, “Paying Clients” became a best seller with its recent debut.  At its peak, the multiple best-selling book reached the #1 spot in the ‘Sustainable Development’ category on Amazon’s Kindle Best Seller’s List, on Thursday September 25, 2014.

The book was written to help business owners focus on what’s truly important, not only in their businesses, but in their lives as well.  By obtaining better paying clients, entrepreneurs are free to focus their attention on delivering value instead of worrying about paying bills.

After nearly a decade of being his own boss, Roy has discovered that there are specific fundamental truths that help one build a sustainable business that is mentally, spiritually and financially rewarding.  His journey of discovery began when he realized that the more successful his law firm became the less he enjoyed the legal profession (so he started looking for a better option).  He found it when he learned of a way to create leveraged revenue using a sustainable business model: he quickly realized that helping other business owners expand their vision while working smarter instead of harder was his true calling.

These days, Kevin M. Roy works with entrepreneurs internationally, helping them leverage their unique skills and talents in their respective businesses to increase exposure and recognition as industry leaders. Roy uses a variety of strategies to achieve this, but focuses most of his energy on coaching clients to do what they love, live a lifestyle they deserve, and build a legacy that future generations can be proud of. While those are his overarching goals, the book Paying Clients is really about getting results.

“You gotta get paid…” he says, “If you’re a business owner or service provider who is passionate about what you do, then you owe it to your family to help as many people as possible. Not only do you need paying clients to make a better life for yourself and those you love, but you’re impacting families all over the world with your message and the hope that you will help them transform their lives.  That’s powerful stuff.”

“I like to dream big. I believe that everyone has the potential to change the world.” Roy goes on to explain “You might not see an immediate impact; however, if you love what you do and follow your heart, you greatly increase your chances of creating something magical.”

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