The Usage Of Airwheel App, Taking R Series Smart Electric Bikes As An Example

Airwheel R series of electric assist bicycle is hailed as a perfect combination of high technology and stylish design, for example, the multiple ride modes, excellent traffic ability and connection into the mobile phone and so on.

Currently, almost all smart devices are equipped with the function of connection into the mobile phone with the popularity of smart phones. This is an inevitable trend. No one can buck the trend or turn around the trend. Airwheel also flows with the trend, getting its first-try-out of wireless connection into the mobile phone in Airwheel A3 sitting posture electric scooter.

You can download the Airwheel exclusive App from Its APP fault self-test displaying riding speed, path and gear etc. makes ride intelligent and convenient. With the increasing diversity of products, the App can be applied to the smart mars rovers as well as the intelligent helmets.

Airwheel R8

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R series of smart e bikes with four different models—R5, R3, R6 and R8 are well known for the three ride modes—man-powered mode, electric mode and power-assisted mode and how to set the mode via the App will be described in the following.

Airwheel APP

Step 1: Choose the intelligent electric scooter

Step 2: Search the model (input the password 11111111)  

Step 3: The main page shows the real time data, like the speed/h, mileage and location and so on.

Airwheel APP

Airwheel APP

Step 4: Click the ‘Airwheel’ to draw out the sidebar where you can see nine parts and you can click each of them to learn more details.

Airwheel APP

Here is to show how to set the electric mode and power-assisted mode of R series electric assist bike.

Step 5: Click the setting in which you can see the electric mode, speed gear setting and power-assisted gear setting.

Step 6: If you choose the electric mode, you need to apply it by inputting the required info.

Step 7: After you have stared the electric mode, you can set the speed gear.

Airwheel APP

Step 8: If you choose the power-assisted gear setting, you can choose the gear setting directly without application. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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