Popular Metal Band, Reckoning Hour, Debuts First Full-Length Album “Between Death and Courage”

Brazil has been the birthplace of many important and internationally beloved heavy metal bands, and the latest star group, Reckoning Group, has achieved a level of popularity among music lovers around the world, that few others can claim. Composed of JP, Philip Leander, Thiago Tavares, Haquim and Yan Marks, Reckoning Hour has taken the Brazilian music scene by storm. It’s first major release was the EP Rise of the Fallen which was an outstanding critical and commercial success.  Following their initial musical triumph, Reckoning Hour is now ready to produce and release their full length album Between Death and Courage.

Reckoning Hour has earned legions of fans with their soaring vocals and heart-thumping instrumentals.  Their ability to rock has earned them awards including second place at the Legator Guitars Contest in 2013.  Their incomparable ability to create awesome heavy metal music has lead them to record their album with Adair Daufembach, one of Brazil’s leading heavy metal producers.  The album, which will be recorded at the historic studio Adair El Rocha, promises to be an instant classic.

Recording time and the expertise of some of the world’s finest music producers does not come cheap, however. In order to produce a world class album, Reckoning Hour requires almost R$35,000 (USD 14.500,00).  Unlike some bands that dilute their sound to secure a recording label contract, Reckoning Hour is committed to creating pure heavy metal.  Rather than compromise their musical integrity, Reckoning Hour is asking its fans to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign on Catarse.  With these funds, the band will secure studio time, produce high quality tracks, and provide rewards to its Catarse supporters. In return for your financial contributions, you may receive perks like advance download of the album, album credits, digital songbook Between Death and Courage, mugs, shirts, CD’s, a Skype session with band members, or an opportunity to meet the band. To learn more about Between Death and Courage or to make a financial contribution to this project, please visit http://www.catarse.me/pt/reckoninghour.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Reckoning Hour @ Primeiro Álbum!
Contact Person: Philip Leander
Email: contact@reckoninghour.com.br
Country: United States
Website: http://www.catarse.me/pt/reckoninghour