Purivo Quartz Is the ‘Go To’ Provider of Premium Quartz Slabs in Tukwila

High Quality Quartz Countertop in Tukwila | Purivo Quartz
Recognized as the “Go-To” provider of premium quartz slabs in Tukwila, Purivo Quartz offers a wide selection of jumbo quartz slabs that are both luxurious and distinctive, all at a very affordable price.

Tukwila, Washington – November 13, 2017 – Quartz slabs are a popular alternative to granite countertops for those looking to buy a new home, renovating an existing home or just upgrading the outdated countertop. Quartz countertops and slabs can add value to your home, because they offer many of the same benefits as granite countertops. With this in mind, Purivo Quartz now offers more than 30 colors, all of them in “Jumbo Quartz Slabs” and in both 2cm and 3cm thicknesses.

Donald Marston, the founder of Purivo Quartz stated, “Our goal is to provide a product which will last a lifetime. Our knowledgeable staff are readily available to help answer all of your questions when it comes to finding the perfect quartz slab in Tukwila. We are widely recognized for our quality, originality and prices. Purivo Quartz also has a proven track record of delivering a huge selection of exceptional quality products at prices which blow the competition away.”

Even though granite may be the more trendy stone for kitchen countertops, quartz is a much more practical kitchen countertop for daily use. Quartz is non-porous and extremely stain resistant. Quartz is also very resistant to scratches, and can handle the abuse of a hard working kitchen.

Purivo Quartz is one of the top professional companies providing quality services and installation of Quartz countertops in Tukwila, at a fraction of the cost of granite or marble and with virtually no maintenance.

Marston also commented, “Our Seattle headquarters stocks thousands of slabs and maintains deep inventory levels in each of our colors – in both 2cm and 3cm. And since we control 100% of the production, once a quartz slab gets the Purivo stamp, it ships directly to Seattle where it waits for your order. Availability is further enhanced by regular monthly restocking shipments with color-way quantities managed by sales history, pending orders, and forecasting.”

He concluded the meeting by adding, “We are the industry leader in quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We combine traditional stone-working methods with modern technology to ensure a consistent product. Please take some time to explore our website and learn more about our company and our offerings.”

About Purivo Quartz,

Purivo Quartz is the ‘go to’ provider of premium quartz slab in Tukwila. They offer a wide selection of jumbo quartz slabs that are both luxurious and distinctive, all at a very affordable price. For more details, visit http://purivoquartz.com


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