Eye Glass People Begins Accepting FSA Flexible Spending for Prescription Lenses

Long Island City, NY—The right pair of glasses can make a world of difference. However, new glasses are increasingly expensive. Every new trip to the eye doctor and change of prescription means hundreds of dollars spent on new frames with new prescription lenses. Eye Glass People offers a solution by making custom prescription lenses to fit into old frames. Their relatively inexpensive cost coupled with the ability to use FSA flexible spending dollars to pay for the new lenses puts Eye Glass People at the cost-efficient forefront of the less than 20/20 sector of society.

A recurrent myth in the eyeglasses community is that new frames must be purchased with each updated prescription. Eye Glass People foundationally dispels that myth. The company has been creating prescription lenses for thirty years and has been in retail for thirteen. The people at Eye Glass People understand the attachment one garners to a personal set of frames. That is why they offer each customer the ability to keep the lenses they have grown an attachment to and work pointedly to create carefully crafted replacement lenses. All their custom lenses for glasses are made in a high-tech laboratory and are certified by licensed opticians.

Now the company has begun offering customers the option to use FSA flexible spending dollars to purchase their prescription lenses. Customers who don’t have health insurance, or whose insurance does not offer comprehensive eyeglass insurance coverage, are now able to use non-taxable spending dollars in their FSA accounts to minimize the financial costs of replacement lenses.

The prescription lens ordering process at Eye Glass People is exceptionally simple and easy for customers. Their three-step process of creating lenses for glasses is outlined on their website, and customers can avoid the hassle of going into a store to order their replacement lenses by ordering online and shipping their old frames to the company. This simple process comes at a very low cost in comparison to the rest of the eyewear market, with a price point of less than 50% – 70% of what glasses or lenses would be sold for at a doctor’s office or chain store.

With their simple ordering process and offer to accept FSA flexible spending dollars,Eye Glass People is allowing the consumer to save money. Their customer-centric approach allows clients to maintain the use of a well-liked product and to see more clearly.

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