Penot & Ho launches Orbium, the Fengshui aquarium inspired by Chinese landscapes on Kickstarter

Orbium is the newly launched, one of its kind Fengshui Aquarium that has its design inspired by the beautiful landscapes in Guilin, China. The aquarium is now launched on Kickstarter by Penot & Ho to seek a funding of £10,000 and so far, it has received great response from the backers all over the world. The aquarium represents the stunning landscapes in Guilin region where the reflection of the mountains falls into the river beneath them, creating an infinite mirage-like effect.

Orbium creates a unique positive sensory experience in the interiors. The aquarium sculpture is responsive in nature and changes color according to the temperature variations. It reflects the essence of ancient Chinese philosophy by providing moments of calm in today’s busy, modern lives. Just like the Guilin region, known for its breathtaking sceneries, local traditions and winding rivers that relax the mind & body, Orbium aquarium is designed to lift up the spirit of the living space and the users. The idea to build this aquarium was in fact, born in Guilin itself when the owners visited the place.

Orbium features a minimalistic and elegant design with a mountain like sculpture in the middle. It is promised to bring a visual spectacle and an unmatched sensory experience. “Our creation of Orbium was not only inspired by the physical landscapes of Guilin but also the sense of harmony and balance we experienced during our journey”, say the developers of Orbium.

Orbium is designed to enhance the interior surroundings, both visually and spiritually. The mountain sculpture is painted with harmless thermos chromic paint that changes color with temperature variations to represent the natural changes in the Guilin’s landscape. The sculpture also changes its color from black to white, once the interior temperatures rise above 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit, suggesting that it is becoming unsuitable for the body.

The material used to create Orbium are sourced and manufactured by the experts. It features an acrylic tank with a thickness of 8mm, that reduces any unappealing external light or reflection and creates a spectacular refractive quality instead, which enhances the visuals of the mountains and aquatic life. Orbium is available in three luxury color combinations with deeper meanings such as black & white that represents the Yin & Yang of life, black and gold that represents honor and dignity in life and Pure Gold, a symbol of freedom & luck. Orbium also enables the users to create a perfect ecosystem in their house by bringing a different variety of fishes into the tank along with aquatic plants. It can be cleaned like any other aquarium and the mountain structures can be removed to clean with a brush.

Orbium is born out of love for Chinese culture and spirituality. The success of the fundraiser will ensure that the makers are able to bear the manufacturing cost that includes building 3D models, molds, research and more. They are bringing a piece of art for the consumers that also promise to enhance their overall well being. More information about the product and the fundraising campaign can be found on 

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