Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency MSD Now Accepted At Asiancities

It is common knowledge that more and more organisations are accepting cryptocurrencies in their transactions. Some of these include multinational computer technology company Dell, and one of the world’s largest online travel company Expedia. In September 2014, the non-profit organisation United Way also started accepting cryptocurrencies as donation.

Earlier, the Japanese government also officially recognised cryptocurrencies as a legal form of payment, and even set up a monitoring system for cryptocurrency transactions. This greatly accelerated the popularity of cryptocurrencies in Japan, so much that they’re now being accepted by an increasing number of shops, airlines, hotels and more. Some examples are Peach Aviation and renowned capsule hotels.

Now, Asiancities is joining the ranks of these forward-thinking companies.

Asiancities is a well-known travel company in Asia whose operations are in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and more. Famous hotels such as Two Seasons and Diamond Hotel in the Philippines, RHR Hotel in Malaysia, and Kei Art Hotel in Indonesia are all clients of Asiancities.

Just recently, Asiancities announced a collaboration with MONSPACE, and will start accepting the latter’s cryptocurrency MSD as a payment option.

MSD was officially launched on 1 October on the 3rd anniversary celebration of MONSPACE. Since its launch, the cryptocurrency has quickly rose to become one of the fifth biggest Cryptocurrency in the

“We have faith in MSD because as opposed to most cryptocurrencies which require an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to source for funding, MONSPACE skips the step as it already has strong financial and user backing. It goes to show how much potential the cryptocurrency has,” said a representative of Asiancities.

The representative also commented: “Cryptocurrencies have a special appeal to online businesses as opposed to credit cards due to the former’s added security. While credit cards carry the risk of fraud, an encrypted Cryptocurrency like MSD makes fraud highly unlikely. This means online businesses can operate with a lot more confidence and peace of mind.”

Users can pay for their hotel, flight tickets, and car rental using MSD on Asiancities. This decision by the travel company is an important one that proves how popular MSD is, even though it was only launched recently.

“In countries where PayPal and credit cards aren’t available as payment options, MSD brings a brand new opportunity,” said the representative of Asiancities.

The renowned travel company will start accepting MSD for payments in November 2017.

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