123movies Has Been Voted As The Best Website For Online Movie Streaming In The United States And Asia

Each year across the world and the internet, users vote for the best websites. This year, the 123movies won the main place.

According to latest online voting data, 123movies are the best place and the most popular website to watch online movies for free. The voting involved more than 10 million internet users and according to the latest data, 3 million in the United States and 2 million in Asia voted the website in question as the best place to stream latest movies and TV shows.

The voting also involved several elements. Users were able to rate the movie list, the overall quality of the movies and the website itself. The website in question got the most votes for the movie list, which is more than just long and for the simplicity/functionality of a website. Additionally, some users said that the lower number of ads was more than just appealing.

The lowest number of users has rated the list of the TV shows. It is obviously shorter than the movie list, but still, longer than other websites which participated in the voting process.

After the results, we got the email from the company. They said “We are more than just happy with this result. We promise to give all that we can in the future to meet the expectations of our users who want to get the best movies all the time. At the moment we are celebrating, so sorry for a short email. Just to add, we have a few surprises for our users which will be implemented before the end of the year.” Obviously, the email didn’t reveal those surprises, but we believe that they will be more than just great.

The voting was held online and users from all countries were able to participate. The website won as the best one in the United States and Asia but was second in Europe, third in Australia and second in South America.

About the company

The 123 Movies Free is a web-based company which hires more than 200 people at this moment. They have been with us for a few years and they have one of the largest databases of the movies and TV series. Even more importantly, the database is updated daily, so the number is in incline as we speak. For more information, kindly visit http://123moviesfree.ac/.

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