Klaver Design Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce MIAW

MIAW stands for “message in a wave” and is designed by Dutch designer Lisa Kläver: MIAW turns a 4 second recording into a unique piece of jewelry.

“Message in a wave” is the first item under the brand and sets the tone for the approach for the MIAW’s brand of unique jewelry.

Jewelry with a Meaning

Translate a personal message into a unique piece of jewelrythat will last forever.  A combination of luxury and love, Kläver Design will transform any personal voice message into a chic gift for that special someone.  This one of a kind gift is not only thoughtful, but stylish and unique.

A key is an object symbolic of opening and closing powers. It represents knowledge, mystery, initiation, and curiosity, but mostly privacy and security.  Each key contains different cuts that is meant for only one lock, just as each “message in a wave” is meant for only one person.  

Whether it is a marriage proposal, the ultrasound of an unborn baby, or words of wisdom from father to son, each key cut is made from a 4-second recording and translated to a sound wave.  This sound wave then creates the unique cuts on a key.  In addition, up to 5 characters can be engraved on the top of the key, making the key even more personalized.

How it Works

The process is as simple as using the recording device on a smartphone.

  • First, record the message or sound for 4 seconds long with a mobile phone.

  • Choose the size of the key (small, medium, or large) and the material of the key (stainless steel, bronze polished, 14K gold plated, silver, or 18K gold).

  • Then, send the recording to the MIAW team who will translate the personal voice message into a sound wave.

  • Next, they create the unique cuts on a key using a CAD program.

  • Additionally, they can place up to 5 characters embossed on top of the key.

  • A note and a QR code to hear the original voice message will also be included.

  • Finally, they key is delivered via UPS to the loved one.

What is Included

  • A personalized key with a special message’s soundwave cut into the shaft of the key

  • A note and soundwave of the personal message

  • A beautiful jewelry box

  • A QR code hear the message

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1214934426/kickstarter-commissions-message-in-a-wave-by-klave, offers pledge levels from €62 to €$1,899, with rewards including guaranteed delivery for Christmas.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About MIAW:  

MIAW is a jewelry design team that turns a person’s voice recording into a personalized key.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kläver Design
Contact Person: Mark Austen
Email: lisa@localmakers.com
Phone: 0204702314
City: Amsterdam
State: North Holland
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1214934426/kickstarter-commissions-message-in-a-wave-by-klave