The Attkisson Law Firm is Taking Ohio by Storm

The Attkisson Law Firm is devoted to providing solutions to those looking for an effective, experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer

Accident victims have to cope with a vast range of physical and emotional consequences, but laws are full of nuances and intricacies.  Victims need a personal injury lawyer with the experience and know-how to support them every step of the way when it comes to getting the justice they deserve. 

Led by a team of personal injury lawyers, The Attkisson Law Firm is set on a mission to bring justice to accident victims in the state of Ohio.  With practice areas that include car accidents, dog bites, premises liability and wrongful death, these heavy hitters are more than ready to help personal injury victims. 

A Strong Team of Heavy Hitters

Kevin Attkisson has lived and worked in Southwest Ohio for his entire career, representing injury victims against the insurance companies.  With thousands of personal injury cases and nearly 100 jury trials under his belt, Kevin is more than ready to tackle any case, no matter how complex it may seem. 

Matthew Jewson has a solid background in criminal and civil trial practice.   Over the years, Matthew has prosecuted and defended countless cases through litigation and jury trial verdict.  

Together, they are known as “The Heavy Hitters”, personal injury lawyers who do not hold back when it comes to getting justice. 

Practice Areas

Car Accidents – Unfortunately, car accidents are quite common and even minor ones can lead to serious injuries. Drivers take on a certain amount of responsibility for the safety of others; The Attkisson Law Firm helps accident victims get the justice they deserve after a car accident

Dog Bites – Dog bites can result in permanent scarring and a myriad of serious injuries.  However, in Ohio, laws related to this area are particularly nuanced and intricate, hence the need for an experienced personal injury lawyer.  The heavy hitters at The Attkisson Law Firm will investigate and determine if the parties are liable. 

Premises Liability – Building owners are responsible for assuring the safety of the building’s guests.  The building must be well-maintained, potential hazards must be removed quickly, and it must also be staffed with a reasonable amount of security.  The owner may be liable for accidents such as slip-and-fall and staircase accidents.  The Attkisson Law Firm works with personal injury victims to assess the situation and find out if the parties are liable. 

Wrongful Death – The Attkisson Law Firm combines professional attention with compassionate support so that the victim’s family can recover compensation for their financial and emotional losses. In cases where another party is responsible for the accident, The Attkisson Law Firm collaborates with the family to get justice.

About The Attkisson Law Firm

The Attkisson Law Firm specializes in personal injury representation.  With a team of experienced attorneys, it serves the Greater Dayton, Ohio area.  

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