Breedlove Law Firm Continues to Serve Clients in Bossier City Louisiana

Divorce Attorney Pamela Breedlove Brings Justice to Bossier City Louisiana

Breedlove Law Firm brings justice to Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana, especially for those looking for an experienced divorce attorney with a solid reputation for fighting for their rights and interests, regardless of complexity. 

Pamela Breedlove, an attorney with over 25 years of experience, founded Breedlove Law Firm to serve the areas of Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana, particularly but not limited to the spheres of divorce and family law. 

Known for her methodical approach to work, Pamela truly listens to the clients’ needs and leverages her experience and skill set to design winning strategies. 

The decision to create Breedlove Law Firm came as a natural career progression for Pamela.  Over the years, she has witnessed how a divorce, an accident or malpractice can change people’s lives, dramatically. 

With a career devoted to litigation, including medical malpractice defense, commercial litigation, family law and successions, Pamela decided to found Breedlove Law Firm on a mission to offer the right combination of experience, skill set and client-centric approach she believes all clients deserve. 

Drive, Experience and Expertise

Pamela N. Breedlove | Pamela is an experienced attorney licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Georgia since 1992.  Her career has been devoted to litigation, including medical malpractice defense, defense of municipalities, commercial litigation, family law, successions, and general litigation.  

Today, she leads Breedlove Law Firm on a mission to help clients fight for their rights and interests.  With a vast portfolio of skills, 25 years of experience and drive to fight for clients at the negotiation table or in the courtroom, Pamela is more than ready to tackle any case that comes her way. 

Areas of Practice

Breedlove Law Firm specializes in the following areas of practice:

Civil & Family Mediation: Mediation can be a great opportunity to settle legal disputes without traditional litigation, saving time and money.  It might even help keep relationships stable between the parties involved. It is a common option to solve a civil or family dispute where both parties can reach a positive agreement.

Family Law: Ranging from Divorce to Spousal Support and Child Custody, Breedlove Law Firm does not hold back when it comes to defending their clients’ interests.  

Police & Fire Civil Service Law: Due to the nature of their jobs, police officers and firefighters are sometimes accused of making mistakes.  Effective legal representation is paramount to them.  

In addition to the practice areas listed, Breedlove Law Firm also specializes in Appellate Practice, Health Care Law, Municipal Law, and Wills & Successions. 

About Breedlove Law Firm

Founded and led by attorney Pamela Breedlove, Breedlove Law Firm serves Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana.  Its main practice areas are Civil and Family Mediation, Municipal Law, Police & Fire Civil Service Law, Wills and Successions. 

Led by an experienced attorney with 25 years of experience across different areas of practice, Breedlove Law Firm has a solid reputation when it comes to excellence in legal representation.  

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