3 Ultimate Reasons Why Families Should Grow Non GMO Heirloom Seeds at Home

“105 varieties of non gmo heirloom seeds for vegetable gardening”
According to Home and Garden America, a family can save money and enjoy the safest and best-tasting crops simply by growing non gmo heirloom seeds in their gardens.

Carson City, NV – November 13, 2017 – Vegetable gardening used to be solitary endeavor for many enthusiasts, but recent years are seeing more and more families taking on the hobby. Building stronger bonds, eating healthier foods as well as saving on grocery expenses are the driving factors why entire families are now gardening together at home.

For families interesting in growing their own vegetable gardens, there are some considerations to be made—the most important of which is the type of seeds to use. Choosing the right seeds is crucial since the resulting produce will bear their characteristics. All kinds of seeds are available to gardeners, ranging from GMOs to heirlooms. But if nutrition is the main point of gardening, then the healthiest type of seeds should naturally be used.

When compared to other seed types, non gmo heirloom seeds emerge as the healthiest and most natural of them all. As the name suggests, non gmo means that the seeds did not undergo modifications in their genes, unlike GMO seeds. On the other hand, heirloom means that the seeds have been handed down for generations for at least 50 years.

Combining the best of both worlds, non gmo heirloom seeds are the ideal choice for gardening families that aim to grow the safest and most nutritious produce. Since the seeds are free from genetic modification, the harvested crops will remain packed with nutrients and safe for the whole family to feed on.

Aside from providing good nutrition, another reason to grow non gmo heirloom seeds is their suitability for seed saving. Heirlooms are also known for being open-pollinated, which means they can produce plants that are very similar to their parents. Because they are true to type, the seeds can be saved year after year, thereby generating a continuous supply. Seed saving enables families to reduce costs and become self-sustaining, that’s why non gmo heirloom seeds are preferred for organic gardening.

The final reason to grow non gmo heirloom seeds is for the taste. Renowned for possessing the richest flavors, heirlooms are easily the best-tasting of all the crops out there—that’s why are extremely sought after in farmers markets. Families that choose to plant heirlooms have a great advantage because they can access the most flavorful veggies straight from their home gardens.

By working with the entire family, gardening becomes more meaningful and productive. And with the help of non gmo heirloom seeds, a household can harvest the most nutritious produce, get an unlimited seed supply and also enjoy the best possible flavors from their homegrown food.

More information about non gmo heirloom seeds are available at www.homeandgardenamerica.com.

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