Hurricane Force Solar Systems by Florida Solar One Withstand Strongest of Hurricanes in the Florida Keys

Florida Solar One’s “Hurricane Force Solar Systems” withstand Hurricane’s Irma and Maria

Key West, Florida – November 13, 2017 – Florida Keys Solar One has once again proved that its Hurricane Force Solar systems are among the best to withstand major hurricane-force winds. The company has therefore strengthened its position as South Florida’s, Florida Keys’ and the Caribbean’s most qualified hurricane force solar company.

Hurricanes Maria and Irma are now the latest storms featured on the Florida Solar One list of survived hurricanes. “We have never lost a solar panel with our Hurricane Force Solar Systems in the Florida Keys in almost 20 years now,” says Ray Johnson, the head engineer for the company.

The Hurricane Force Solar Systems in the Florida Keys, designed and installed by Florida Solar One, remained intact event as Hurricane Irma ravaged the Florida Keys and much of South Florida. The Hurricane Force Solar systems stood still and made power even while the storm blasted everything around it. Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico, but the Hurricane Force Solar systems designed by the Florida Solar One engineers remained intact there too.

Incorporated in Key West, Florida in 2008, Florida Solar One, along with its principal engineer and Florida state certified solar contractor, Ray Johnson, has been designing and installing Hurricane Force Solar Systems in the Florida Keys for over 20 years. “Ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with the sturdiness of their Hurricane Force Solar systems is a key differentiator for our company. We make sure that the Hurricane Force Solar systems can withstand strong winds. The latest testimonial comes from Hurricane Force Solar systems living through Irma and Maria, which goes on to show that our Hurricane Force solar systems will stand strong after the storm has passed,” said Johnson.

Hurricane Force Solar systems from Florida Solar One have outlasted hurricanes such as Frances, Sandy, Mathew, Wilma, Katrina, Rita, Erika, George, Dennis, Jean, Ivan, Irma, and Maria. To test the sturdiness of a Hurricane Force Solar system through Hurricane Irma, Ray Johnson himself built a solar system with only half the attachments at his home in the Florida Keys.

“We were confident in this experiment but, when we saw all the destruction all across the Keys, our neighborhood and home, we could not believe our eyes yet, our hearts were lifted to see the Hurricane Force Solar panel system remained intact, and operational, and we did not need to hassle with the generator to power our home,” shares Johnson. “Irma may have destroyed the Florida Keys, but we don’t have a tarp over our building like our “salty” competitors do and the customers of Hurricane Force Solar systems are very happy”. This is good proof that Florida Solar One has the experience, knowledge, and capacity to build the strongest systems in hurricane-prone areas of the Florida Keys and Caribbean.

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Florida Solar One is a state licensed, insured and certified solar contractor, specializing in off-grid design and hurricane region solar installations. Florida Keys Solar One was founded in 2008, with offices in Key West, Miami-Dade, and Broward Counties.

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