5 Ways Creative Commercial Vehicle Wraps Benefit Businesses

Houston, TX – November 14, 2017 – Genesis Graphics & Signs, a Houston sign company, knows that advertising can make or break a business. The rapid increase of the internet along with customizable user interfaces, ad blockers, and decreased radio and television users makes reaching an audience difficult for both new and old companies. 

With that in mind, Genesis Graphics & Signs provides fleet vehicle wraps to send advertisements out on the road. They provide durable vinyl wraps with high quality prints to make any car a moving billboard, increasing visibility and public awareness in a number of ways. 

1. Vehicle wraps can reach a much wider audience.

Most advertisements don’t reach very far. Some only reach a certain audience, like toy commercials on a kids’ television channel. Others are stagnant and don’t get much exposure, like billboards or road signs. In contrast, companies that use fleet vehicles can send their advertisements anywhere available on the road. From small cars on city streets to commercial truck wraps dotting the highway, it’s been estimated that a vehicle wrap can reach an average of 30,000-70,000 potential customers each day. Of that audience, the ads had a 96% rate of perception by the public–and that number increases the bigger a fleet is and the larger its driving radius is. 

2. Customization belongs largely to the company.

While many ads are limited by the platform they’re on, regulations are much more lax on privately owned vehicles. What a conservative billboard company won’t allow doesn’t matter when you make your own rules. This isn’t limited to just basic content, either; sizing, word count, imagery, and other regulations are placed on many hosted advertisements. This often leads to editing and creating several versions of an ad just so it can be allowed across different platforms. With vehicle wraps, none of this is necessary.The company’s presentation–what the design looks like, what it says, and where it goes–is all up to them, which allows for a more consistent marketing strategy. 

3. Client perception is increased.

Vehicle wraps are often seen as something that only successful, established companies use. On the road, more people will notice and think positively of your company when they see a well done vehicle wrap. When one of your wrapped cars shows up to an appointment, the client will recognize the brand and associate the professionalism and job quality with your company. 

4. Mobile advertisement is passive but still garners attention.

Ever since their conception, advertisements have often been met with exasperation, annoyance, and quick skips or mutes. This is largely in part due to the aggressiveness of advertising; often it’s loud, flashy, and invasive. For many the passiveness of a simple ad on a car on the road is refreshing. It doesn’t interrupt them or force them to look. Instead, they can just see it, take note, and continue on their day. This kind of gentle advertisement raises popularity and perception of a brand. 

5. Fleet vehicle wraps are inexpensive.

Despite the cost of maintaining cars, paying drivers, and purchasing the wraps, this method of advertising still remains one of the cheapest available. A 2010 study marked the cost at just $0.035 per every thousand impressions – almost 23 times cheaper than the average radio ad, and 67 times cheaper than an average television commercial.

About Genesis Graphics & Signs

Based in Harris County, Genesis provides signs of all types and locations, from outdoor banners to interior signs to vehicle wraps to everything in between. Many Houston signs seen around the city come from their hard work and dedication to quality. Their shop provides full service for consultation, design, construction, and installation.

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