5 Reasons Why Long Island Businesses Need Custom Signs

Syosset, NY – November 14, 2017 – Not looking for another ordinary sign? Interested in creating a unique sign for your business? Custom signs may be the perfect choice for your branding efforts! 

We reached out to Mike Palazzolo, owner of Island Signs & Graphics, a Long Island Sign Company, to learn more about why it is important for a business to have a custom sign

Storefront signs account for up 46% of walk-in business. Walk-in business plays a crucial role for many restaurants and businesses and displaying a storefront sign that is attractive and professional helps ensure that you don’t miss a potential customer. Your storefront sign also has to clearly express your business to your potential patrons. Creating a custom sign that articulates those qualities to the public is a huge advantage and shouldn’t become a missed opportunity. 

They get attention. Outdoor custom signs are also used in a variety of ways to engage with future customers as well as return customers. They’re incredibly useful when needing to promote new sales or items to the nearby public. Flag signs and outdoor banners are a couple of handy ways to capture the attention of road traffic. Window graphics, yard signs, and sidewalk signs will draw customers on foot into your doors by displaying new sales or specials that your business offers. High-quality outdoor signs that can withstand the elements and remain charming to the public can be especially valuable when needing to extend your promotions to a larger audience. Long Island signs face some weathering, that’s why you need a durable sign that will leave a lasting impression with potential customers. 

They can be used anywhere. Signs are not only useful to get customers in the door, but can serve a multitude of other uses for the consumers while inside. Custom indoor signs are often used to advertise sales for items and upcoming or ongoing promotions. Wayfinding and directional signs help to effectively guide traffic through the store. Good placement and correct usage of indoor signs are found to be useful for both the patrons and employees, as well. They can create greater efficiency by reducing the time employees have to spend with customers answering unnecessary questions. Appropriate usage of indoor signage can often be overlooked, but tends to produce useful results when used correctly. 

97% of viewers remember ads placed on commercial vehicles. Custom vehicle wraps and graphics are an effective tool to expand your brand outside a business’ walls and are an efficient option to promote goods or services while driving across town. Vehicle graphics are also useful for contractors or businesses that don’t have a retail location. Promotional vehicle graphics can range from simple vinyl graphics and vehicle magnets, to a back window film, to full or partial detailed wraps that make the car, van, or truck express your brand visibly and professionally when amongst traffic. 

Custom signs build brand awareness. Whether you’re looking for a sign to express your company, to promote a new item or service, or for an organizational event, custom signs can give you an advantage. The wide range of uses and numerous needs potentially handled by the right course of custom sign usage has proven to be effective at promoting brand awareness. Making a business unique and memorable is crucial to enhancing and engaging potential consumers. Custom signage can help make a business stick out amongst its peers or allow it to stay subtle alongside next door establishments. 

Custom signs are vital to creating a professional image. Whether you’re in need of a custom outdoor sign to attract potential customers, custom indoor signs to promote new and upcoming sales, or custom vehicle graphics or wraps, we have you covered! Island Signs & Graphics team of professionals will help you design, create, and install a sign that you can be proud to present to your future consumers.

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