Tankformator Provides End To End Supply Of ISO Tank Containers Globally

Tankformator’s role revolves in large part around tanks for bulk liquids for transportation and storage. When it comes to the supply of tank containers, Tankformator operates as a conduit in the supply chain that knows no borders and sets no limits as they set out to select the best-suited specification tank container for its intended purpose.

Tankformator provides the advantages of modular ISO tank containers and its other associated tangible benefits such as modular design technology inherent to that of shipping containers, characterized by a high degree of prefabrication on an assembly line production. Other than lower manufacture cost, the modular dimensions of shipping containers enable stacking, which helps to make the most economic use of land space. The availability of specialized ISO tank service depots also enables operators to outsource storage, inspection, cleaning, repairs and statutory tests.

Jaap Huigen of Tankformator added: “One of the big differentiators between ISO tank containers and road tankers is their capital cost. ISO tank containers are much less capital intensive and much less costly to maintain as compared to road tankers.”

One of the main products Tankformator offers is the ISO Eclipse 1, an ISO tank container with design parameters beyond that of a regular ISO tank container as these can be operated under vacuum. ISO Eclipse 1 has been designed to cater for the varied needs of Enviro services, Waste Management and Oil & Gas services companies.

More About Tankformator:

Based in Singapore, Tankformator was launched on the strength of several decades of experience across tank container depot management, bulk logistics, tank container manufacture and leasing.

Tankformator sees tank container design and specification as a variable rather than a constant, and actively pursues product development. This very spirit shines through from its tradename, Tankformator, a fusion made up from transformers, the toys that can morph from a vehicle to a robot and back and into a Tanformator, a device used to change the voltage level of electric current.

Tankformator is rising to the challenge to meet and exceed all customers’ expectations – From Singapore to the rest of the world.

For further inquiries on Tankformator’s products, visit https://www.tankformator.com/ or drop an email to info@tankformator.com.sg

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