Purple Boy Jordan launches new hip hop music track ‘You can’t tell me’

Purple Boy Jordan, an emerging artist from Detroit Michigan has announced the launch of his new single “you can’t tell me”. The music video is launched on Youtube and features a catchy tune with complementing video.  The 26-year-old artist recently chose to do music to get himself into better situations after he found his two next-door neighbors dead 30 days apart from each other due to a drug overdose in September 2017. He realized that drug overdose is consuming many lives and he needs to contribute a little bit to spreading awareness about it.

Before getting into music, Purple Boy has been cooking for over 5 years and got a GED (General Educational Diploma). Based in Brightmoor Detroit, the talented songwriter, singer and musician is making music since he was a kid. He has always been into hip-hop, house, R&P and rap music but only got into becoming a professional musician recently. His music is inspired by his own life experiences and he strives to create music that sets the foot tapping. His song reflects the true spirit of life and the courage to never back down despite the situations. A number of hip-hop song music lovers may find comfort in the catchy tunes and inspiring lyrics.

A little excerpt from the song lyrics go like this:

Straight up of the grind,
Got the time,
Then I folded,
Purple in the building,
Everybody wanna show it,
It’s been a lot going on,
With a whole slick,
But you ain’t got time for the fakers,
And I know this,
I’m in zone,
Like 2-3 then I shake it,
I ain’t got no time,
For the fake in dealing rhymes…

Purple Boy Jordan has put his heart and soul into making this music video and hopes that people like it. He invites all kinds of feedback from the music lovers so that he can come up with even better music in the future.

The song is available on Youtube.

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