Hipstar, the revolutionary new hand\’s free travel cart launches on Kickstarter

Hipstar is the newly launched backpack cum suitcase launched on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $50,000. It is a revolutionary new way of carrying luggage while traveling and has received great response from the backers so far. It’s a one of its kind luggage bag that allows the user to travel hands-free to achieve full mobility and make their travel experience more enjoyable. This product is here to transform the way people travel, once and for all. It overcomes the shortcomings offered by conventional suitcases/backpacks and combines all the best features in one multi-purpose product.

Hipstar features an innovative design that enables the user to move hands-free and carry heavy luggage with more ease as compared to traditional suitcases. It attaches to the user’s hips and leaves enough room behind so they can walk or run freely. The shock absorbers and flexible harness attached to the suitcase even out the disturbing walking motions so that it doesn’t bump into user while walking. Additionally, Hipstar can be quickly folded down into a backpack during uneven and rough terrains. The heaviest model weighs only ten pounds so it can be carried easily.

Hipstar is developed to overcome the shortcomings offered by the traditional luggage such as suitcases and backpacks. It’s hard to move heavy suitcases around and they can’t be used in tough terrains such as sand or rocky ground. On the other hand, the conventional backpacks used by hikers, mountaineers and other travelers put all the weight on the upper back and make it bend which results in pain in the shoulder and back. Though this has been going on for years, no one has actually thought of making any changes about that until now. The new Hipstar travel cart effortlessly overcomes these issues and provides the serious travelers an easy and comfortable with away to carry their luggage around.

Hipstar comes with flexible handles that can be adjusted as per the luggage weight and walking space required for the user to move freely. All of its components can be disassembled to conveniently store it in closet, trunk or carrying on an airplane. It is a tactical and practical tool that comes in three variants, light, medium and heavy, depending on the user requirements. For serious mountain hikers and military use, Hipstar comes in a durable option with strong hardware that allows the user to carry heavy gear with the same ease and comfort.

All the prototypes of Hipstar are ready and the success of Kickstarter project will ensure that gets into mass production after designing and testing part. The funds will be used to purchase initial inventory and start mass production. The backers can support the campaign and receive Hipstar at an early bird price.

More information about Hipstarcampaign can be found on Kickstarter.com

Animation: https://youtu.be/UCU6dToipuY

Kickstarter campaign: http://kck.st/2hTNdyP

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