A Proven Tool that Excites Youth in their Studies of History

Kansas City, Missouri – Everyone knows that the Educational System in America has been struggling for years. Parents and teachers have been doing all they can to turn it around. Youth are more interested in playing games, devices, and watching screens than learning in school. These two ideas (learning and playing) seem to compete in the minds of most adults but a recent trend has shown a convergence between the two with the gamification of the educational system. With History, one of the most effective tools has been Historical Conquest, an epic card game that looks like the popular game Pokemon, plays like the classic board game Risk, but where every card contains text book type information about each person, place, event and other important subject categories in history.

According to Ed Dieterle, Senior Program Officer for Research, Measurement, and Evaluation for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “For a student sitting in the median who doesn’t have a game, his or her learning achievement would have increased by 12 percent if he or she had that game… In the world of education achievement, 12 percent is significant.” That’s the difference between a C+ and an A-.

Historical Conquest was designed 15 years ago as an English assignment to create a product that would change the world. We are now working on a line of games for other school subjects.

– Released in 2013 as a part time project while working in Juneau, Alaska;

– In 2014, received the Family Choice Award’s “Game of the Year” and Create Child Award’s “Game of the Year”. Listed as the favorite product of the judges.

– As of 2017, we have sold 18,000 copies throughout the United States and 3 countries.

We have just launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to release Historical Conquest 2.0: 

– A revision to the game that both parents and youth enjoy together;

– An app to play the game and entice players to visit historical locations around the U.S.;

– Final development of our math, geography, and physical education games.

We have proven that youth want to learn, but they want to learn in a way they choose, using a medium they already enjoy (games). This has shown to give them a sense of control over their future, which makes them more vested towards learning as much as possible from the past.

Featured in the past on NBC’s Kansas City Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xMhnZgSiNU

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