Aus and NZ oncologists can provide personalised cancer treatments using Caris Molecular Intelligence

Caris Life Sciences provides the most comprehensive genomic tumour profiling plus (CGP+) of DNA, RNA and proteins enabling personalised therapy decisions across immunotherapy, targeted therapy and chemotherapy. Since its foundation in 2008 Caris has collected clinical outcomes that show the superiority of CMI.1,2  

Precision Oncology is proud to be the new exclusive distributor for Caris Molecular Intelligence in Australia and New Zealand.

More than 6,000 oncologists from 58 countries have used Caris Life Sciences to profile more than 120,000 tumours worldwide. With Caris Molecular Intelligence and the very latest cancer target (biomarker) research, increasing numbers of oncologists are choosing the treatments that are likely to work for each patient’s cancer.

Better information can lead to better treatment decisions.

Standard cancer treatment is based largely on the original location of the tumour, such as the breast or lungs. This approach may not always produce optimal results.

In contrast, Caris Molecular Intelligence matches evidence-guided cancer treatments with the molecular profile of each tumour. A molecular profile reveals the unique characteristics of a person’s cancer at the molecular level, providing doctors with knowledge about which treatments are most likely to produce the best results, including treatments that may not have been previously considered. Molecular profiling may also help doctors avoid treatments that are ineffective, unnecessary, and potentially harmful.

Molecular profiling provides the information that helps oncologists to personalise treatment plans for individual patients. It can be particularly valuable for people who have run out of standard treatment options, for those with rare or aggressive cancer, or if there are multiple treatment options available for that type of cancer.

To find out more about how Caris Molecular Intelligence can help oncologists and patients, contact Precision Oncology today.


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  2. Ussia G, Leonard R, Janssens J. Multi-platform tumour profiling delivers the highest clinical utility and improves patient outcomes in today’s routine clinical practice. International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Procedures. 2016, 1: 107. [Full text]

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