Epiq Nights announces the launch of the Epiq Nights coins via Initial Coin Offering

Epiq Nights, becomes the first company in the industry to have a cryptocurrency after announcing the commencement of its ICO available through the website and the Waves Platform

Epiq Nights has taken giant strides towards making the brand even more formidable by announcing the launch of its own cryptocurrency, the Epiq Nights coins, to be made available via an ICO. The initial coin offering is unprecedented in the industry, setting a milestone for others and reaffirming the strength of the brand.

The emergence of cryptocurrency has led to several developments across the globe. Described as probably the safest and easiest mode of making payments and handling other such transactions, cryptocurrency or digital currency as some will have it has come to stay. Consequently, businesses are keying into the development to provide easy ways of doing business with their customers. While some have added cryptocurrency as one of their accepted payment methods, others like Epiq Nights have gone a step further to launch their own cryptocurrency.

The ICO of Epiq Nights Coins is the first of its kind in the industry, allowing crypto investors, traders and customers of the brand to have easy access to a profitable venture, with the coin predicted to significantly appreciate in value after the ICO.

The private placement initial coin offering offers investors the opportunity to get 3000 tokens of Epiq Nights Coins by investing in the package. The unprecedented initial coin offering is currently available directly through the website and on the Waves Platform.

The process of being a part of the ICO and investing in the package is fast and easy, allowing anyone and everyone to purchase as many tokens as desired. Once the purchase order has been completed, buyers are required to download the “Waves Wallet” app, which is available on Google PlayStore, on to their laptop and subsequently create a Waves Wallet address. This ensures that their tokens are transferred to their account. The process comes to an end with the submission of the wallet address to info@platinumtip.com and buyers can subsequently make use of their token or hold on to it for appreciation in the future.

The Epiq Nights team is also working on building value via multiple listing of the Epiq Nights coins on exchanges. This further reiterates the prospects of the Epiq Nights coins not just as a mode of payment, but also as an investment.

About Epiq Nights

Epiq Nights is a natural supplement created with the expertise of the “Master Herbalist.” The formula was created to improve the level of sex enhancement for men, with the primary aim of providing the most advanced formula to support normal sexual function in men.

Made from 100 percent all natural high quality ingredients, Epiq Nights is safe for human consumption with no reported cases of side effects, even as the makers of the supplement have guaranteed the production of superior effectiveness and quality.

Media Contact
Company Name: Epiq Night
Contact Person: Charles Key
Email: info@platinutip.com
Phone: +1 318 701 0260
Country: United States
Website: http://epiqnights.net/