FORMER US Navy Submariner Gives Romantic Novel Readers An Early Christmas Gift.

Octavious Lamont Smith Sr. releases first self published erotic novel, Adventures of a Slay Guru.

Lovers of erotic romance will have a reason to smile this Christmas as a new erotic novel titled Adventures of a Slay Guru was released in early November. Adventures of a Slay Guru, emblazoned with a cover featuring a scantily dressed female and her awaiting evening fling, was published by Slugfest Entertainment, a true leader of the entertainment scene. Author Octavious Smith touts the book as being truly original, “readers and lovers of erotic fiction will be treated to exhilarating moments within this page turner. Truly a welcome change in how people may have previously looked at the erotic novel genre”.  

Adventures of a Slay Guru is a tale of a young man using his quick wit and smooth moves to chase sex whenever the opportunity arises (no pun intended!). The story, told from the first person perspective of our protagonist Javonte, revolves around multiple locations and multiple women. The 124 page novel bares it all with descriptions of steamy moments as Javonte aims to satisfy his insatiable appetite for sex. The use of vivid descriptions and in-depth narrative assists reader in clearly visualizing the scenes presented. Riddled with humor, suspense, and thrilling moments Adventures of a Slay Guru is the exact book that erotic novel fanatics will find intriguing, thought provoking and extremely racy.

As Octavious Smith’s debut erotic novel the book delivers endearing encounters and captivating sex scenes, making sure the reader is turning the pages faster and faster with each approaching rendezvous.  The steamy, exotic and risqué scenes mince no words, describing these life like moments in a language that readers and lovers of this genre seek to find. Speaking to a select few who had previewed this book the consensus is that this newcomer to the erotic novel scene will elevate your thoughts and exceed any expectations.

According to Smith, “This book offers an unrivaled humor, making it an extremely entertaining read for a more mature audience. Jump into the pages and allow Javonte to hop into bed with you! You will feel like one of the lucky women assisting in fulfilling his legend as a Slay Guru!” This book will truly change the way you view and consume erotic content!

Born and raised in Miami, FL our author has previously served in the US Navy. He is a happily married husband and proud father while working his way into the entertainment scene for several years.  Octavious has recorded multiple mixtapes and has an EP which is available in all major digital entertainment stores. He is also active in videography and photography.

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