PodOne Pre-ICO with 100% bonus is now live for early investors!

PodOne, an offshoot of parent company Fenero, based in Miami, Florida has developed a platform designed to bring employees in the call center industry to the blockchain. With over 2,000 clients already signed, Fenero aims to use its PodOne technology to disrupt call centers across the globe. Employers will be able to sell their employee’s down time over the network to other employers, while call center agents can also freelance on the platform by logging on and completing training to become qualified to work for other companies looking for assistance.

The Pre-ICO, which is now live, is limited to only 6,000 ETH and is on a first-come-first-served basis. The exchange rate of their platform token QBE for the presale is 3,000 QBE for 1 ETH. The Pre-ICO will run until December 8th, or until the cap is reached. The Pre-ICO is being used to raise funds and increase the size of the development team ahead of the public ICO on January 1st.

The Qubicle token (QBE) is the only way employers can “hire” or “pay” agents over the platform. Agents will also be able to take custom-designed training educate themselves on other products that they can support and take calls on. Clients offering more QBE to agents for their training courses will attract more agents, and thus have more potential coverage when they need to scale up the amount of resources they have. Employers can also sell their agents downtime over the platform to other employers. By decentralizing call centers and allowing the call centers to work together, PodOne projects they will be able to cut operating expenses at call centers by at least 25%. Aside from cutting costs, PodOne projects clients will be able to cut the wait time on their calls to close to zero, without having to pay employees overtime, or over-staff employees during peak call times.

PodOne CEO Marlon Williams “We’re happy to bring the Qubicle token to life today. We have spoken with a lot of our clients over the past few months about the introduction of a blockchain based Call Center platform that they could test and many have expressed interest in designing the features. The outreach from some leaders in these organizations has been amazing”.

Want to learn more or participate in the ICO? Visit podone.io where you can access the full white-paper in several different languages, view the brilliant team behind PodOne, and learn more details about the Pre-ICO and project roadmap.

You can also find PodOne on social media:

Telegram: https://t.me/podone

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PodOneNetwork/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PodOneNetwork?lang=en

Medium: https://medium.com/@PodOneNetwork

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