Salem Alanzi’s Resume Writing Book achieves incredible milestone of 100,000 downloads

The resume writing book by founder and CEO of Hasoubna for information services, Salam Alanzi, which teaches fresh graduates and other jobseekers how to write a professional resume reaches 100,000 downloads

Salem Alanzi is a renowned author and blogger with several bestsellers already under his belt. One of the books that have solidified Salem’s stand as one of the most sought-after authors particularly from the Middle East is his resume writing designed to be a guide for fresh graduates and even expert jobseekers as they look for their dream jobs.

With the rate of unemployment across the globe increasing by the day as a result of universities turning out fresh graduates to join the already saturated labour market, the competition in the job market has skyrocketed to an incredible level. While some jobseekers have been able to secure their dream jobs, others have not been so lucky and have had to settle for being underemployed, working without joy, or staying unemployed.

While some individuals have been lucky to secure good jobs almost on a platter of gold, others have had to struggle and stumble before realizing their mistakes and subsequently making amends. One important factor that cannot be overlooked in the search for a job is the resume of the jobseeker. Resume writing is not a skill that is not taught in school and jobseekers usually have to learn the proper way of writing resumes after several failed attempts. This is where resume books like the one from Salem Alanzi is particularly helpful not only for fresh graduates but also for experienced jobseekers.

The book has reached a milestone achievement, crossing the threshold of a hundred downloads in its short while of publishing. The book written in Arabic language covers virtually every aspect of writing a professional resume that would capture the attention of employers and at least get jobseekers an interview or even the job.

The book is made available for free, allowing anyone and everyone to have a copy of a step by stepguide on writing professional and captivating resumes. The effectiveness and usefulness of the book has helped it reach a milestone achievement of 100,000 downloads in a short space of time.

The book can be downloaded on the website via, with other beneficial tips available not only for jobseekers but also for professionals looking to succeed in their chosen career path.

In addition to writing a book on the basics of writing a good resume, Salem is also the author of Project Management basics, putting his experience and knowledge as a project management expert into a unique compilation.

More information on Salem Alanzi and his works can be found on his website, and his Twitter page.

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Salem Alanzi is the founder and CEO of Hasoubna for information services. As a motivational speaker, blogger, author and writer, Salem hopes to empower people across the globe, helping them achieve their life goals.

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