CMD-300, a secured automated medication storage and dispensing system that will free up valuable medication shelf space, track medication quantities in each bottle, and securely store and deliver the medications on demand, this week announced after months of system testing and perfecting, the platform is officially open for business.

Able to store up to 300 bulk medication containers, which consequently opens up space and pharmacy storage, CMD-300 provides pharmacies with the ability to take on more clients without expanding the physical size of the store location.

“Every pharmacist knows the constant battle of freeing up enough shelf space and storage space to handle the influx of prescription orders,” said Norm Knoth, Founder and Owner of Pharmacy Automation Systems. “It can be incredibly overwhelming at times, forcing pharmacies to scale back on the business they can handle. With our new system, the goal is to maximize the space they already have in a way that’s accessible and organized.”

Teamed with the Versi-Pack software, the CMD-300 makes it easy to fill vials, unit dose, and multi-dose blister cards while hand filling prescriptions.

Notable CMD-300 benefits include the reduction of dispense time, less labor requirements, increased profitability through time gained, reduced work flow requirements, safe compact storage of inventory along with documentation of who accessed the unit and when the medication was removed, and reduced floor space requirements, providing additional work space for the pharmacy.

CMD-300 features include adjustable compartments, automatic and light directed inventory retrieval, removable side panels, bar code provision to each piece of medication, automatic and light directed inventory storage, automatic inventory control, adjustable vertical channels, and the list goes on.

“Spread the word on the launch of our system, and consider integrating it for 2018,” said Norm.


Pharmacy Automation Systems produces affordable, automated medication dispensing and storage systems for automating your growing pharmacy. These systems will speed up dispensing and reduce filling errors when filling vials, unit dose blister cards and multi-dose blister cards.

Pharmacy Automation Systems provides the most robust, versatile and efficient machines on the market today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pharmacy looking to fill multiple packaging types or just vials, we have the right system for your pharmacy. Our revolutionary automation solutions include our small Versi-Mate table top unit and the Versi-Fill IIe that can hold up to 60 canisters. These systems fill vials, single dose and multi-dose blisters cards, what other single system does all that? The PAS automation systems fill over 95% of the packaging used in the marketplace today. This includes the packaging you’re probably already using.

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