The Psychic Soldier Is Becoming a Hit Among Science Fiction Fans

Fans of science fiction will be excited to hear about the new “The Psychic Soldier” book series, the story of which revolves around a soldier named Tristin Morgan. What sets Tristin apart from other soldiers is that unlike them, he uses psychic abilities and powers as his weapons.

Written by Martin K. Ettington, a true expert and author about psychic powers and abilities, this book series manages to capture the essence of just how psychic powers function, and extensively explains them, captivating the reader in a rather intriguing manner.

Martin K. Ettington when writing this book wanted to set the backdrop of a seasoned and hardened soldier, while also showing his readers the extent of spiritual and psychic abilities in a more realistic light.

As the series progresses, it further expands upon the life and adventures of this soldier, as he travels across the land in search of an ancient and wise master. The manner in which the book manages to illustrate the world of psychic abilities helps the reader experience the true highlight of the experience, and anyone who is interested in such powers or science fiction in general will find this to be right up their alley.

In the first book, known as the Himalayan Journey, the soldier begins his trek to uncover the old master. The second book, A Soldier is born focuses more on the early life of Tristin Morgan, from when he was first born in England to how he became a soldier in India – eventually arriving to the United States.

The final book known as the “Fight for Right” covers the period of his life when he fought in the U.S. Civil War during the 20th century and even goes as far as to include an alien attack and an interstellar battle.

The series is currently on-going and new books will be releasing quite soon. The very next installment is titled “Earth Protector” and is to be released sometime around the end of this year.

The Psychic Soldier Series can be read on either as Kindle EBooks or Printed versions. Here is the link to the Psychic Soldier Series Page:

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About the Psychic Soldier:

The Psychic Soldier is a book series by Martin Ettington that focuses on the life of a soldier who has the ability to control psychic powers. This book closely reviews psychic abilities and spiritual development similar to how these things work in the real world.

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