Industrial Internet integrating block chain will subvert the traditional business model

Block Chain and IOT are two hot words of technology era. In the development of IOT, we have met a lot of problems such as devices, individual private, high cost, but Block Chain with distributed structure, multiple encryption, smart contract and multi-party consensus and other characteristics has a great impact on IOT. The characteristics of multi-center, weakly centralized will reduce the high cost of operation and maintenance of centralized architecture. And the information encryption and security communication will help to protect privacy.


The combination of Block Chain and IOT will solve the problem of IOT  fundamentally,and it will bring more possibilities to IOT, and more exciting innovations will also be developed.

Block Chain + IOT, there will be unlimited possibilities. And how can we make greater value by combine these two together? ALLCHIAN is a platform that to make the needs of customer drive Block Chain and IOT platform of manufacturing. We have been focusing on professional research on “Block Chain + Internet of things” and continuously promoting the  popularization and accelerate the integration of Block Chain and IOT.

International Team

There is a IOT technical develop group in ALLCHAIN’s technical team which cooperate with ALLCHAIN in Block Chain application and IOT technology development.

ALLCHAIN was established in Germany. The CEO of ALLCHAIN, Markus Lehmann, as a serial entrepreneur, he has more than 15 years of experience working for Internet and traditional industry. He is committed to build the technology financial integration enterprise. The co-founder & CFO, Michael Schwarz, ACCA Chartered Accountants in the UK, with many years of experience and industry resources in auditing and investment finance. The co-founder & CIO, Leon Frank, senior architect, Block Chain technology experts. In the supply chain, intelligent production, smart factories and other fields have many years of technology development experience. The co-founder & COO, Elloot Gingell, over 16 years of experience in Internet product operation, having enough experience in product operation, product and team management and business partner management.

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