Massachusetts Life Coach Launches New Practice Specializing in Relationship Coaching for Women in Their 40 and 50’S

Hingham, Massachusetts November 15, 2017

Lisa Brown, a Positive Psychology Life Coach with a specialty in Relationships, announced the launch of her new coaching practice based in Hingham, Massachusetts. Lisa also unveiled her new website and blog at:

In an article in the Huffington Post, a Gallup poll noted that happiness dips for people in their 40’s & 50’s, thus creating the U-Bend of Life. Given those results, it’s not a surprise that a number of women, in their 40’s and 50’s, are wondering is “this is all there is?” On the outside their worlds may look wonderful, but on the inside they are experiencing an inner dissatisfaction that is creating emotional turmoil.  Coaching can be a powerful tool for women over 40, who are taking an honest look at their life and relationships. Whether because of an empty nest, ongoing relationship issues, or even a recent divorce; many women in their 40’s and 50’s are struggling with feelings of unhappiness and loss of direction.

A life coach can provide the clarity that many women over 40, who are often experiencing significant life changes, are seeking. Like a sports coach, life coaches cheer their clients on, push them when needed, and serve as trusted partners to ensure clients identify and reach their specific goals. Life coaches are trained to broaden people’s perspectives, adopt new habits that support what they want, and step outside of their comfort zones to obtain greater confidence and self-worth.

“Through my own journey I know the internal struggle of feeling unhappy in a marriage, how hard ‘working’ on it can be, and questioning if I should stay or go,” Brown explained. “I’m not a coach that only ‘talks the talk’. I’m passionate about being a coach because I have been where my clients are now. I can help them get on the other side of these feelings and come out happier, stronger, and more confident in what they want out of life.”

Lisa Brown is a Positive Psychology Life Coach based in Hingham, Massachusetts. Most sessions are held by phone or Skype enabling clients to work with Lisa no matter where they live. Specializing in relationship coaching, Lisa has dedicated herself to helping women in their 40’s & 50’s, who are struggling within their relationships, in one form or another. Working one-on-one or with couples, Lisa’s coaching practice is focused on setting and attaining positive goals, actions and sustainable results. Lisa’s relationship coaching services include: Best Self Coaching, Couples Coaching and Fresh Start Coaching. Learn more at:

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