Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Trains Her Owner

The situation between pet and owner sounds all too familiar.  Kids beg for a puppy, parents give in, they go out and buy a puppy and pick up all the supplies – dog bed, and a heck of a lot of toys and treats to spoil the insatiably cute glossy eyed fellow.  Parents take note to set family responsibilities and boundaries making sure that number one, the puppy is crate and potty trained, sticks with a strict dog food diet, has a regular exercise regimen, etc.  

As time goes on, the puppy grows up and earns their place in the family.  It intelligently learns how to behave appropriately, obeys orders, performs tricks, gives smothering, unconditional love, and don’t forget those beautiful puppy eyes (it’s like a dog trick in itself to get what it wants).  

Overtime, human dog parents often give in and get relaxed with the rules, and start to a dog finding the opportunity to train its owner.  When a dog realizes that its human parent will give in, it uses that to its advantage to get what it wants.  Having become the master of puppy eyes and shaking hands, it uses its ability to get its human’s attention by scratching the human’s arm with its paw, followed by irresistible puppy eyes.  Human is weak to this behavior, gives in and starts giving table scraps, which eventually leads to a routine of sharing dinner with their beloved companion.  

When it comes to comfort, a dog’s instinct knows that a couch and human bed is the ultimate upgrade from the dog bed on the floor.  To escape the measly accommodations they’ve originally been offered, puppy eyes and cuddling is performed to seal the deal, and crate or doggy bed collects dust and eventually ends up in storage.

Some dogs will go far as to take it to another level.  Take Ginger, for example, a Ruby King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, who at an early age, was easily trained, making her first debuts on youtube with a few videos going viral and eventually picked up by Animal Planet.  (The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel breed is known for their regal attitudes, having originally been bred for royalty, hence the name Cavalier King Charles, originally named after Charles II of the 17th century.)

Ginger a clever girl, found brilliant methods of getting what she wanted going as far as mastering the “sleep in owner’s bed and tuck me” in trick, which eventually ended up on TV.

Ginger’s owner monetized some of these performances and before turning 2, she already had her own bank account.  She was able to pay for her own monthly health insurance as well as damages she had made around the house as a puppy, like eating the baseboards.  To maintain constant income, a website, blog, facebook, instagram, youtube, and various other social media accounts needed to be maintained, which in addition to caring for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, became part of the everyday responsibilities.   For a dog, it’s quite an accomplishment.

You’ll find the “dog trains owner” arrangement and routine all too common and easy to find throughout social media.  A simple search on instagram for your favorite dog breed will pull up dozens of accounts with dog owners and pets sharing their daily lives of being pampered by their owners.  Many of these accounts even have several millions of followers, more popular than some celebrities!

Some may wonder, how dog owners succumb to such a fate.  Well, if you give it some thought, pets are just like children for many people.  Pets, if treated right, offer unconditional love for all their lives.  We should do our best to give it back, so why not giving them all the pampering?   After all, they probably deserve it anyway.


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