Stanford GSB Graduate Designs Ultimate Minimalist Wallet

Like many men, Erik Moon struggled with carrying a bulky, uncomfortable wallet which could bulge so much that it interfered with his posture, causing back pains.  This Stanford graduate recognized that there was a simple solution to this problem which could also be elegant and fashionable. The Decadent Minimalist One is the ultimate wallet for consumers who want quick access to their ID and credit cards without having to lug around a huge wallet.

The DM1 has been carefully engineered to meet the exact dimensions of credit, debit, and identification cards, and can hold up to eight at a time. This lightweight (only 0.8 ounces) and slim (no thicker than an iPhone 4) wallet is machined from a single piece of aircraft aluminum, leaving a three sided, open faced construction that snugly hugs cards. This precise and patent pending design is rounded to perfection, so it never snags.  The open face and back is ideal for employee ID’s or other cards that are commonly presented. The DM1 can come with two personalized lines of text, and the lustrous aluminum, brilliant gold or elegant black finishes are eye-catching, so it is ideal as a gift.

Erik has worked very hard to create the perfect modern wallet, which will almost assuredly become a much imitated design in the industry and become a major commercial success.  However, Erik is a recent graduate without the funds to mass produce the Decadent Minimalist One.  In an effort to raise the $5,000 necessary to produce an initial batch, Erik has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This campaign has already garnered enormous support, far surpassing this initial milestone, but the additional funds will go towards creating 4-card and 12-card versions, researching other materials like titanium, stainless steel or brass, and adding additional colors. 

In return for contributing to this project, supporters are eligible to receive valuable perks like standard or customized versions of the Decadent Minimalist One.  The intended delivery date for these perks is as early as November or December of 2014.  To learn more about the Decadent Minimalist One or to financially support the crowdfunding campaign, please visit:

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