BITMINER.EU upgrades their service to new level!

Today is a very exciting time in the Bitcoin Mining Technology Sector. BITMINER.EU with its new and innovative developments has ushered in a new phase in Bitcoin mining, where it is selling hashrate to mine Bitcoin without any need for hardware to do so.

According to company’s spokesperson Roger, “Our goal is to become leading Bitcoin cloud service contributing to the crypto-society in the Bitcoin community. BITMINER.EU closely follows and constantly upgrades the possibilities as well as incorporates the latest developments and trends to ensure the widest range of features available to its users. In other words, it guarantees and prioritises technical advancement for mining options, and provides a stable hash rate for its users.”

So how does it really work?

It involves 3 simple steps!

Step One: Sign up and login

Step Two: Deposit and buy Hashpower

Step Three: Withdraw or buy more HashPower

Besides, some of key features of this system are:

  • Buy Bitcoin using major online wallet, like, Skrill, Neteller, Payza, Perfect Money
  • Wallet Service, top advanced and secure Bitcoin wallet service. Deposit, receive payment and sent Bitcoin, instant with low fees.
  • Fully automated system, only the Mining balance is managed by our staff.
  • Offers easy way and advanced statistics
  • Guarantees a stable hash rate and daily mining payouts
  • BITCOIN mining relies on PPS (“Pay per shares”), where miners are rewarded with coins according to their shares
  • Guarantees an uptime of 99.9 percent

For more information, simply visit:


Registered in England and Wales, BITMINER.EU is an innovative Bitcoin cloud service that believes in offering its clients most advanced features and developments Bitcoin industry has to offer. Its registration number is 09951039.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Roger V.
Country: United Kingdom