New Book “Fall of Singapore” Renews Interest in the Tragic ‘Sook Ching Massacre’ of WWII

San Francisco, CA, November 15th , 2017 – A new book, “Fall of Singapore: The Undefeatable British Fortress Conquered” by Mei Mei Chun-Moy, is bringing renewed focus on the tragic genocide that occurred during WWII in Singapore, popularly known as the Sook Ching Massacre.

The fall of Singapore is significant as Britain suffered a defeat at the hands of the Japanese Army and handed over Singapore and surrounding Malaya countries. The conflict began on December 8, 1941, and was considered “the worst disaster and the largest capitulation in British history” by Winston Churchill. The tragedy involved Singaporeans who were ordered to come for interviews, while their homes were looted and destroyed by the Kempeitai, the secret Japanese police.

The Sook Ching Massacre isn’t the only tragedy of the occupation, but stands out for its mass slaughter of Singapore residents between ages 18 to 50. It was a purge through cleansing, targeting anti-Japanese, or Communist sentiments. The men and women considered guilty were killed at a Singapore beach. The death toll shows less than 5,000 according to the official Japanese record, while Singaporean officials claim the number of victims was at least 50,000.

According to Dr. Franziska Seraphim, Associate Professor of History and Director of Asian Studies, Boston College, “The Fall of Singapore makes a laudable effort to shine a spotlight on the gruesome details of the Japanese military conquest of British Singapore in 1942 and the ensuing atrocities against the local Chinese population. It makes captivating use of survivor memoirs that bear witness to unspeakable suffering.”

Jessica Elkind, Associate Professor of History, San Francisco State University, says, “”Fall of Singapore” by Mei-Mei Chun-Moy, Sally Ma, and Mark Witzke offers a concise and gripping account of the Japanese occupation of Singapore during World War II. “Fall of Singapore” is highly accessible and will appeal to anyone interested in learning more about the conflict in the Pacific, an understudied and often-ignored theater of the Second World War.”

According to a recent reader review, the work is “well researched and informative. It presents a piece of history often overlooked but one we should not forget.”

“Fall of Singapore: The Undefeatable British Fortress Conquered” is now available at its Amazon page.

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