Passive Income Queen; the Journey of a Young Entrepreneur

Nicky Iles, the owner of Niles Solutions LLC, a company established in Orlando, Florida, to close the gap for entrepreneurs and startup companies nationwide who are having difficulties solving problems, reaching their audience, navigating the digital world and to create innovative new products and services. The company provides the missing pieces of the puzzle needed to see the bigger picture and succeed. Nicky discuss how startup companies like hers are creating high skilled jobs, return on investment, coaching, mentoring, social media management, mobile app development, and why encouraging the creation and growth of such companies is important for the economy.  

“It is essential that entrepreneurs know they have the support of their community and fellow entrepreneurs who have achieved success, who can guide and mentor them.” – Nicky Iles

Nicky is a passive income queen who specialize in teaching 40 highly effective smart  passive income streams as well she teaching the path to leveraged income in order to create generational wealth. She is also a motivational speaker, business coach and mentor. She is also considered an Instagram guru who teaches Instagram Goal Oriented, Instafamous and Instagram Live Profit Margin. She has helped many individuals grow their accounts but her proudest accomplishment was the growth of 5 accounts to well over 5,000 followers per month with tried and true strategies after the new algorithm changes.  

Nicky believes entrepreneurship is an essential part of any economy and small businesses have produced many jobs that account for millions of jobs annually. She believes digital entrepreneurship is emerging and provides great financial opportunities to those willing to embrace it and make the most of it. According to Bloomberg, there are well over 1,700 millionaires made daily in America alone and 90% of them made it online. Nicky prides herself in teaching others how to tap into that market passively or actively even while doing the things you do already or love.

It is important that entrepreneurs get the best tools possible to have a real chance to succeed and that is why Nicky is leading a new tour “Tools of the Trade Empowerment Expo” projected to start January 2018. She wants to give entrepreneurs, momtrepreneurs, and wantrepreneurs alike an opportunity to come out and learn from other successful individuals in their fields, learn some tips and get some guidance on how they could also achieve success. The event will also provide entrepreneurs access to various tools they may not know existed to help get them properly aligned for success. She believes it’s important to raise awareness of the various innovations, startups, and entrepreneurship in our communities, which are also fueling job growth in our economy. Our entrepreneurs often times than not take tremendous financial risks in order to bring their visions and dreams to life to move their business forward.

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