The dB9PRO Voice Recorder Helps You Remember Important Things More Easily

New Gadget Sets People Free to Concentrate in Lectures, Seminars, Meetings

If you are a student, needless to say, you are probably attending classes, lectures or seminars – all of which involve taking notes. A recent survey indicates that while taking notes, most people only manage to capture about 50% of what they hear. This means that about half of the content – perhaps critical information which cannot be missed – is lost in simply trying to keep up.

In addition, focusing on taking notes in a discussion can render one ineffective as an active participant. This can potentially affect outcomes in situations where critical decisions need sufficient representation for votes to pass a resolution.

dB9PRO, at the release of their latest digital voice recorder, the VR1, says that students, participants in seminars, meetings or lectures, could all potentially benefit from their products. Referring to their VR1.0 mini sound recorder model, a company representativeexplained how their 8GB voice recorder allows users to easily capture critical content as audio, while allowing them to actively contribute at such events. They have peace of mind knowing that they can easily refer back to their recordings to review later.

Commenting on the VR1 voice recorder being available for sale on, a company representative said, “The dB9PRO VR1 voice recorder is an example of practical technology that can become an indispensable aid in the information age.”He went on to say that dB9PRO provides e-books and audio tutorials for buyers to help with many creative applications of the product. The representative added, “Since as a company, we are committed to the creation of usable technology that provides solutions, we have gone the extra mile to suggest tips, ideas and activities and possible scenarios to help our users get much more out of the product.”

dB9PRO says that the portable recording device, which incidentally also doubles as a flash drive, allows a user to store upto 96 hours of audio or 8 GB of data and maybe used for 10-12 hours on a single charge. The representative claimed that the device also records while recharging and comes in an eco-friendly attractive package which could be agifting option during the holiday season.

About the dB9PRO Brand

The dB9PRO brand has made it its mission to provide a voice recorder that is practical for business and classroom use and for interactive play. The dBPRO VR1 voice recorder is a sought-after product on the Amazon website.

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